Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reflections Of The Past... Hand Written

Lending itself to vintage and past years the lovely art of handwriting is becoming a lost art.... I find this to be very sad. You cannot re-read a phone call... or hold a email close to your heart. I am always so intrigued with lovely old writings of letters and post cards with the aging envelopes and wonderful old stamps... tied together with a lovely ribbon..holding the sincere words from the past. It becomes a emotional experience... Beautiful old hand written pages are truly magical...a collection of treasured family memories and often a story of deep love.... that strike at the heart. Lovely letters are revisits of a past time and can be enjoyed for generations.... I still have a lovely letter written by my grandmother to me on my graduation day... This piece of paper brings tears to my eyes and pulls at my heart strings every time I read it... Beautifully phrased words written by a lady many years ago that I adored. It is living written proof this wonderful lady once graced and blessed this earth we live on... A blessing .....


The Victorian Parlor said...


I still send handwritten notes to friends and family:). I enjoy sending a message on lovely stationary bedecked with roses. It does seem as if this form of communication is going by the wayside in this era of technology. I prefer the old fashioned way of doing things-it's so much more personal:).



Anonymous said...

I agree I think it is more personal when I get a hand written letter. Not much of late I would hope the next generation would find this so important but i'm afraid that those things are long gone, our world is just in to big a hurry...sad.

I always enjoy your posts.



Tammy said...

I love the old fashioned script of yester~year...I own a note from my Hubby's grandmother...it is beautifully written, although it was just a note.

I wish my hand~writing was prettier. I suffer from carpal tunnel in my right hand...amazingly enough it does not affect my typing but it hurts me to write without a brace.

Have a lovely day!☺