Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer's Delights

Whatever your fancy... Let a slower pace of summer take you to your childhood and let your imagination soar..... reaching the sky. When in the comfort of our homes and it's surroundings. Wastin' time has never been so worth while. Whether your in the morning sun or waitin' for the evening hours to come.Make sure your docked at your own home and enjoy pleasures you already possess. To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon our treasures is the most perfect refreshment. I have posted a couple post lately hoping to make us all realize... our home can be much more delightful for us than we may realize. No need for expensive drinks purchased at high end restaurants... just a home -made lemonade chilled just right and a generous slice of sunshine... Don't be envious of others... choose to spend the Fourth Of July the old-fashioned way and take full advantage of our array of summer before it all melts away. Tom and I have his 2 Sisters and a Aunt joining us for summer this evening... I have mentioned that they are all nuns and love coming here and visiting in the country green pastures, of which they were all raised as children. It is a unseasonal cool day today so I think we will be dining in... maybe we can have dessert outside if it isn't raining or too cool... We can look out the patio doors however and look at the pool and behind that my little garden. Another wonderful joy of luxury of home. With patience and hard work ... our small garden is growing steadily everyday. Blossoms on the green beans... Sweet corn way past knee high by the Fourth Of July.... not to mention tomato plants, squash and kukes spreading and vining and mingling with one another. Hopes that raccoon do not discover our little square of delicious treats. No better time enjoyed after the anticipation that sweet-corn and fresh sliced tomatoes atop fresh fried bacon and lettuce , ozzing with mayo. A garden can really steal a summer show and present itself as another one of the delights of home.... Have you made your holiday plans yet?????

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Sandi said...

Hi Marietta,
Sounds like you have a wonderful fourth planned. We always go to the fourth of July parade in Kunkle, Ohio. They have had it for many, many years. Used to sit in my grandmothers yard right beside our church to watch it. She passed on several years ago, but we still get the same spot (most of the time) Our church is having a float this year so our plans are to help with that. The fire hall in Kunkle serves wonderful meals that day too. (our church ladies bake pies for it) It is a long tradition and I look forward to it every year! It is the one time of year that tiny Kunkle, Ohio is filled to overflowing with people. Fun times!