Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Timeless Gift

When I know I am going to a lovely shop I become like a small tiny tot with her eyes all a glow and it's like knowing Santa's on his way with time-touched goodies on his sleigh.... then the dashing comes in... the thought I am not able nor do I really wish to spend the amount I was able to when I worked full time.... I must admit truthfully it has taken a bit of the sparkle out of the visit.... Bit I give myself a attitude adjustment thing and start the hunt for some small treasure..... Lot of the time it may be aged papers or jewelry I can use to scrap with.... but I weaned myself to be happy and content... It actually has become " a good thing" as Martha would say.... In the past years I have made purchases and having having them home for awhile I wonder "why" I thought I had to have that... or disappointed it maybe didn't do what I had visioned in my mind... Then I end up placing it on ebay or at a garage sale or the worst thing.. I find it tucked away in some cranny somewhere. In our times now I know this is not something I want to be happening... so the glow in the eyes have become somewhat dimmer.... After time it is becoming quite easy to keep it simple... Tom and I have had many discussions over the past year that we really don't need to accumulate more, just try to maintain what we have.... just making peaceful, pleasant, lovely, and close to perfect for when guests may arrive... God has already blessed me with that and knowing this is the TIMELESS GIFT of everyday...
Ps. Years ago I would have used the thought process of do I want this object I can't live without or do I want electricity????? Hum, I think I could sneak over tho the neighbors house at night and plug in an extension cord..... HUMMMM... that does it.... that objects mine!!!!!!

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