Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vintage Hankie

Tuesday while shopping in Bryan I viewed a couple different hankies with little paper bodices on little wire hangers... I thought they were cute but she only had 3 and the paper was too new looking and the hankie colors wrong for my liking... so I kept in mind what I had seen and came home and thought yesterday day how I could make something similar in my style. The hankies I saw did not have faces or bodies just the dress top....Thinking about how I could use vintage hankies instead of new to get my look. I created my own little hankie paper doll in my style. I plan on working on a couple more and this morning I thought I needed to come up with some vintage and antique brides with a lovely white bridal or lace hankie... This idea will be also really neat created on my brown bag folder cards I make. I will be creating a couple more soon .... just need some playing time... [We got all our new shrubs and plants planted and now need to place the ground poly down... then stones and a border..... ] I can start dreaming about the holidays ... I think the hankie dolls would look charming on a Christmas tree.....The holidays is the perfect time to bring out something old with a new twist. I think they whisper vintage chic....... I will have to make some down time for dreaming and creating in between the landscaping... cleaning ... and every day happenings..... Anyone else out in blogland working on Christmas treasures yet?


kathy said...

Marietta , THis is a lovely idea -- you always give it the vintage touch --HMM perhaps some angel wings for Christmas -- HMM what ideas now whirl in my head -- You
are so inspiring -- KAthy - ga ♥

Sandi said...

You did a wonderful job Marietta!! Love it! Doesn't she have a lot of cute things in her store? Packed to the brin! LOL I haven't been there in quite awhile though.
Thank you for the one minute mediation too. Desperately needed that today.

SharDon Exclusives said...

What a precious idea! I have dozens of my Momma's hankies and would love to make something like this and frame it for my daughter. Thank you for sharing your treasure!!! Sharon