Friday, July 3, 2009

Vintage Pillows

The love of country ... The country air, the gentle pace of life and beautiful tranquility of the surroundings. There are so many things to love and appreciate. Good morning sunshine and beautiful evening sunsets. There's a peaceful blessing from God here. I use to think of country home all decorated with cutsie little pine pieces but no more... I am a hugh fan of the addition of vintage and lovely antique pieces. The use of vintage reborn in new light. The use of lovely fabrics, mirrors and candles for reflection. There is no better than romantic vintage when mingled in a country home. With the mind set of keeping only things you truly love, it may help keep a cleaner look. If necessary you may have to replace things you love more, only making it easier to part with other objects. You will find coming home in your surroundings you love does inspire and enrich your life and just plain make you happy. I have posted some photos of two pillows I made from the cutter piece from the past I purchased at the antique shops a few days ago. The lovely rather fragile piece of material has been reborn. Pockets were made by cutting a lovely old vintage hankie in half and sewing on... a rhinestone vintage pin was added to each piece and old photos, hankies and scrappy touches from book pages were inserted into the pockets for touches of vintage... These types of vintage pocket pillows are so sweet when changed out for the different holidays. I think pillows are charming and just the best way for changing things out and they store so easily. Besides not a things looks or feels better than linens made from long ago. The quality is unmistakable.... Antiques have stories of the past so do expect a little weakness and signs of some wear. .. making it a true find. They hold sweet memories of families from long ago. I know not the story of this cutter piece of cotton that made it's way in a salvaged piece to the shop but I know it survived to find a place in my home .......


Sandi said...

BEAUTIFUL pillow Marietta! You sure have been busy! I feel like I have gotten nothing accomplished lately.
I also liked the cutsey pine things in the past, but no more. My home is all vintage or vintage style things, it is unique and I love it~
Happy FOURTH weekend!

The Victorian Parlor said...

The pillows are beautiful!!! I agree that the vintage style is so welcoming and comfortable:).



The Feathered Nest said...

Marietta!!! I love your pillow!!!! You are so creative....I love it when you make things! It's so beautiful and ready for a new beginning in your home ~ wishing you a wonderful weekend, xxoo, Dawn