Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Are We Really Giving?

Oh my gosh.... can you believe we are in Mid- July already? I feel a need to gather with more family and friends before summer slips away back into the school time and straight into the holidays again... then our family traditions.... Moving along in my senior years I personally do not feel the panic mode with the thoughts of school needs for my children. Bless all of you who are still caring and providing for your children... Over the summer in times past.... I would do allot of garage sales and embellishing of jeans and found clothing... Adding laces to pockets and hems and buttons, some alterations, adding some new with the old and trying to keep all within a budget.... I certainly do realize that our children now have come to expect so much more..... name brands like NIKE and many others have come to rule the world. If our children aren't in designer and brand name clothes they think the world has come to a end.... I hope we will be able to grab a hold of our life's again with the economy change and teach our youth the way of things that really matter, not what they have on their backs and feet. The process of raising a family is certainly not a easy task.... The symbols of life should be faith and values, however not designer labels.... I hope we can learn to pass on the legacy of always being there for each other and sharing and caring.... Giving our children too much can also bring future heartbreak and aches... Teaching ordinary days really aren't ordinary at all, that each day shared is a beautiful gift can make our children, thankful and full-filled instead of always the felling of void that they don't have things they want.... Heavens no we don't want our children and family running around looking like raggedy Ann and Andy or a little hobo with a sack on a stick but really aren't we giving them more than they need materially and less of what they need from us personally? Unexpected real gifts are everywhere, just waiting to be found... We need to examine carefully.... love and learning are everywhere and oh so budget friendly.....


Ann said...

I was just struggling with this myself. WE went school shopping and for the first time my daughter was fussing about what I wanted her to get. We nearly got into a quarrel about a pair of shoes. Of course I want to buy practical tennis shoes and she wanted sparkly slippers.

I do pray the world catches on and realizes that as long as your clothes are clean and properly fit you are well taken care of.

Sandi said...

I second your thoughts Marietta! I have never been a brand name girl. I just want nice , pretty clothes that FIT! LOL
Anymore with all the great sales you can find clothes at nice department stores and not spend anymore money than a big box store.
I still have a hard time finding clothes that I will wear though. That is one thing I hate to do...shop for clothes. I love pretty clothes, but just hate the process.

Becky said...

That was so well written and you are so right. And you spoke to my heart as well. The economy has slapped us right in the kisser and I have found myself shopping at the Goodwill. And finding some great things I might add. But yesterday although I couldn't spend money on what I tried on. I sure felt pretty in it. But somehow that glow fizzes out when you realize you are x amount of cash because of it.
So thank you my friend for your kind words of wisdom. I much rather have my hubby at home that away working so that I can have things.

Anne said...

What a great post...and so true.

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Marietta,
You are so right. It seems like the world has been very spoiled and we lost site of what is important...now the country is running on credit. I wish we could go back to the 50's and start all over again, and get it right.
I pray alot.