Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beauty and Function


We all love our homes to be a place of beauty. I think it becomes a hard task between making our home over-done with collections and remembering we are not on vacation here. We also must live here. Our homes are places where the real task of living goes on. clothes are cleaned and folded and mended... meals are prepared and eaten... business is conducted here. Bathes and personal care, sleeping.... Your home sometimes is a hospital, the list seems endless. Most of all, we just take care of our needs here... The kitchen is the most important room for most of us. It is for preparing food, conversation and eating and washing dishes.... Other areas of the home beckon us to do what needs to be done there. We do need some amount of work spaces in our homes, but we don't want it all to be work space. We need a lovely space for enjoyment and leisure... You are very lucky if your special place has a fireplace for a focus point that can be enjoyed on a crisp cold evening.... Loosing your thoughts in the warming flames.
It takes eye candy and lovely surroundings... Being able to tuck the tools we are using away in proper places and enjoy the comfort of our nest..
The principle of taking work seriously, but also allowing it to be beautiful can be a bit of a task. The beauty needs to carry over to also the running of a household.
So many times we see extremes where the beauty and functions have not been combined. We visit homes that is so lovely we are afraid to even sit.... and then we on the other hand may visit a home that is just a place to function and we can't find a comfy , lovely place to sit.... The ideal home to myself and many others is when you have the beauty around you and can still do your daily chores but still have the feel of a Bed and Breakfast experience. Remember you do not have to have a special room for guests... Hospitality should be offering the simplest of settings... You should be offering yourself the best you have to offer, as the key to success of guest and your own enjoyment and pleasure.... This allows you a place where all your dreams can come true.....


mah said...

Nicely stated!! I love to be able to walk into any room in my home and find a lovely view or a wonderful place to set, or just feel comforted. I love it when people go into any room in my home and feel like they can set, stand or just enjoy the view. My favorite is when they say "oh, now this is my favorite room!" I have often wondered if we can love our homes to much? I love being at home and taking my own home tour! LOL.

The Victorian Parlor said...


You need to write a column for a magazine! Your posts are always so full of beauty and practical hints for living life to it's fullest! This is a great post!



Eastlake Victorian said...

I agree! Beauty and funtion combined make a home worth living in. It's what I want to come home to at the end of a hectic day.