Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Celebrate Just Living

"Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, making everyday a holiday and celebrate just living"..... Amanda Bradley

Are we too busy to ask a friend or a family member to come to share a cup of tea or a mulled cider?...... Noting our home is warm and cozy and our friendship is free......
We need to remember this quiet time spent , can be very satisfying for the body, mind, and soul. I personally believe we are getting away from the ritual of sharing of one's self.... What has happened to the time in our life's to make a place for the little extras that nourish the senses.... Are we too busy wanting big events and possessions to remember all the unhurried conversation and what really matters? Are we spending too much time running through a fast-food window and having a foam cup in our life's????Forgetting the beautiful benefits of a warm cozy home.... a lovely china cup and the actual ritual of sitting and sharing... in a calm serenity.... arranging a lovely tray-with your special china cup , a bud, a small plate of cookies, a couple pieces of fruit.... If you truly can't make time for others on this day... take a hour and do this for yourself.... letting the answering machine take care of the phone.... listening to your favorite CD in a very soft mode and if desired browse a magazine or just sit back and day dream... Do it for you... This will encourage a desirable atmosphere and create many uplifting thoughts... Getting back to the taking of some personal quiet time should become a pleasure of which no one should deprive themselves of doing... Please be good to yourself and others and start planning some lovely moments into your everyday lives.....

" I love things that bear the touch of time, chips and all... they're more beautiful than perfection.." Ballerina quoted in Victorian Magazine


The Victorian Parlor said...

I agree! We have all gotten too busy for the important things in our lives and need to be reminded to slow down and enjoy the simple things:).



Sandi said...

Hi Marietta,
I did this just yesterday! I was talking to my BF on the phone yesterday and told her I was baking cookies and she said, "I will be right over". I told her to please come and she did. We usually plan for lunch outings somewhere and have not taken a moment like this for quite a while and it was nice. She was probably only here for an hour, but just long enough for tea, cookies and kindred spirits to bond once again!

SharDon Exclusives said...

Marietta, what a beautiful post. Thank you for the reminder to slow down and enjoy.... I just got a love gift from my daughter of quiet CD's and I am going to go listen to them. Thank you, dear friend, for your new words of wisdom.