Sunday, September 13, 2009


Inspiration... a true gift to be able to give a friend, family member, or co- worker.... You will find in life many-many well informed people are spiritually bankrupt.... have a complete hollowness on the inside.... In everyday terms the are Ime's... It's all about I and ME ... I personally need to distance myself from this kind of behavior.... and negativeness...... If not, I allow myself to be surrounded in it... it will quickly absorb you and start to take you over... Not always being so updated on the daily news.... I try not to dwell and take in too much of it, and find being too aware may cause allot of daily anguish of which I do not need to endure.... Not saying I don't want to be aware of events surrounding me... I just choose not to know too much... When were receptive it does not take too much to become involved, when in a negative manner... I choose to live life as being a miracle... It's a bit like weaving a rug... we weave character, Think right, act right, that makes us who we are. When we think of our choices...even after many years of life we should certainly have the sense about us to make good choices, so we can reap some of life's lovely rewards. Have you ever had a friend for many years, that you made commitments to try to help and after years of that friend not being able to make meaningful choices , you know you must finally distance yourself from? This person has had everything and oh so much more than anyone could ever wish for , but is able to see none of it... When I ask this question to you I was making a declaration of a person in my life... I have made a decision after many, many hard struggles with this person to maintain my integrity, I must move away from... It is hard for me to come to the realization that at the age of 68 we would still have to make a decision of this choice. My feelings of being humble and blessed would eventually be destroyed in the company of the negatives... Through wisdom learned ....we must make right choices that are best for us in life. Whenever we WALK away, we do allow ourselves to move on and stay on the path to a inspirational and blessed life.
Wouldn't it be nice if everywhere we went there were signs posted... " Be Nice or Leave!" My ending thought for today's post....



The Rustic Victorian said...

I think most of us have had those,,,toxic relationships...maybe I have been one too...its a hard thing, life.....and choices.

Sandi said...

I totally understand Marietta. These kinds of relationships do us absolutely no good and it is hard to "move away", but necessary at times. You are in my thoughts and prayers dear friend.

kathy said...

Yes -- someone times we have to make painful decisions -- one the things I taught my children --besides to have faith in God --
"Is that NICE matters -- Love all yout tissue paper flowers -- such a pretty vintage touch - Kathy

Leigh Ann said...

Thanks you so much for posting this Marietta. We are doing the same thing right now with a very close family member. It has been very hard yet freeing at the same time. I now have my wonderful mother in law living with me as a result of this. It has been so much harder on her but she is beginning to blossom and not be dragged any further down.
Leigh Ann
PS. Did I miss the open house at the Red Barn or is it this coming weekend?

Eastlake Victorian said...

I think this is an example of "tough love." You're helping in the most loving way by letting go and putting distance between you. That is a good and wise thing, for both of you.