Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Class Reunion Meeting Today

Good morning... The sun has yet to make it's appearance this morning... It does have the look of fall as I peer from the window. In a couple hours I will leave for Defiance to attend our last scheduled 50th class reunion meeting.... I thought I would share with you some of the table decorations... The tables will be large round tables with linen table cloths of white and a 8 person seating.. I do so enjoy the round table seating... it enables you to enjoy all around you..... I am donating the decorations so I had to work on a small budget and I certainly accomplished that.... I made little gold wire stands with a spool of 20 gage wire to hold the little cut out poodle skirt outfit and the black leather fonzie jackets... The back of the outfits were just glued with old book pages.... I would have loved to make the sodas from real dessert glasses and real flowers but it would have been a real expense so I went to the dollar store and found pink picnic beverage cups and a white roll of crepe paper and some soda straws... there were 14 beverage cups in a package for $1.00 just the amount of tables we have and I bought 2 rolls of white crepe paper for $1.00 each ... and the pack of soda straws were $1.00 and I had the ribbon bias here to tie in the mechanics so I was able to make the sodas for under $5.00.... The little saddle shoes napkin ring was printed from my computer and the hot pink ribbon for the ties I purchased 4 for 50 cents.... I think you are getting the idea... I was able to make the decorations for 14 tables for under $25.00... I did spend allot of hours printing and cutting and lacing the saddle shoes however but it was fun and gave me something to do.... I also have a collage of old photos printed and a copy of our commencement I had in my scrapbook of the good old days..... I want to get the Hersey's Nuggets that are wrapped in gold foil in a week or so to be spread on the table and enjoyed melting in our mouths as we carry on conversation.....Tom will be returning home from Indy this afternoon about the same time as I will be coming home from my meeting and we will be leaving for about a hour trip to Waterloo Indiana to watch his grandson play football and go out for supper.... Opps... here comes the sun.... How divine..... Enjoy your day.....


kathy said...

So behind in keeping up with my bloggy friends - Glad your son is doing well - and regains the full
use of all his fingers --
I think the table decorations are amazing -- so cute !! LOts of time and Love in all you create -- Enjoy the sun - raining here today and I need to grocery shop --yikes ! Kathy - ga

Sandi said...

How creative Marietta!! I LOVE those decorations! You sure have a knack for that. I am sure everyone will be so appreciative of all your efforts when they see those tables!