Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daily Wisdom

You know it's a bad day when your twin sister forgets your birthday or your income tax check bounces... the day may start to look brighter if we think of helping someone else... It doesn't have to be extraordinary, just a unexpected courtsey... " TRUST IN THE LORD AND DO GOOD" Psalm37:3
Sometimes blessings come directly from giving and inspiring others. By looking around, up, down, you most certainly never will run out of things to be Thankful for... A certain relief would be if angry words, dirty looks, and cruel actions had no power to hurt us.. We should learn to be like frying pans coated with Teflon, because nothing could stick to us. What a relief life would be. We come into allot of negatives in our life but we don't have to let them absorb us. or let them become a part of us. We need to realize some days are just like that.. "LET US STIP OFF ANYTHING THAT SLOWS US DOWN OR HOLDS US BACK, AND ESPECIALLY THOSE SINS THAT WRAP THEMSELVES SO TIGHT AROUND OUR FEET AND TRIP US UP. Hebrews"12:1
Sometimes as adults we aren't able to over-come... take a moment to reflex on what just happened in our daily grind and do make a choice to move on.. Today when things may look tough, look within, and bring some heaven to earth. Iff you can dream you can make it come true


The Victorian Parlor said...


How true! It's so easy to be weighed down by the negatives in life. One of the most important lessons I have learned while studying Proverbs the past few months is that wisdom helps us to overlook an offense and not react in negative ways:).



Myrna said...

Oh I SO needed that Hebrews scripture along with your words of wisdom today! Thank you!