Thursday, September 17, 2009


I received my issue of Romantic Country yesterday in the mail......{ One of the subscriptions to magazines I had already paid }... Fifi had the presentation on this article... and I always enjoy her writing and her lovely talent of display.
Oh my, the Christmas article got my heart pumping... I vowed to myself over this past year I am going to cut my Christmas decorating in half. I do know I am not going to put up my Christmas village this year... I am even considering selling it. I have several Kinkade cottages .... It is the Hawthorne village size.
I don't know what seems to happen with me when it comes to Christmas decorations... I seem to melt at the thought and sight of this fantasy world.... I am not a big present person...and not a Christmas shopper.... But I truly loose myself in all the other magical treats. Give me a mantel and I will fill and tuck it with such lavishness.... till there is not a spot left for another object... Oh my gosh, who can forget the family affair, trim the tree with pink cheer..{ my favorite }and the scents of pine... cinnamon... and fresh sugar cookies.... and luscious scented candles.... I start to feel the enchantment before the season of the trick or treat arrive.... It has nothing to do with the material things... presents and gifts.... it is just the season itself filled with the marvel of sparkle and excitement and beautiful decorations and lovely touches.... Thanks to my magazine... it really got me thinking.... I do have a image I am going to make different coffee stained tags for my little flocked tree.... I think I am just going to have to start working on them in between my time I am spending on my paper doll Christmas ornaments... I have been working on some dolls for a give-a-way to share with all of you coming soon...... Please keep stopping back.....It is a brisk, cool morning with the sun shinning and a gentle fall breeze just perfect for cleaning house of which I need to make my exit now and go attend too.... I do so hope you day has started to be a very lovely one and please remember to do something you love today... Even if it is for 15 minutes... Be kind to yourself......

Ps... I have recieved so many lovely comments and emails from many of you... Yesterday I recieved a lovely comment from Katie .... She knows who I am by my writings .... I know not if she is a blogger or a reader but I am so glad you left me this gentle thought... It makes my writing worth while if I have just reached out to one person.... and yes It makes me feel as if I have a new found friend..... Thanks so much for all the sweet comments......


sjhackney said...

Good morning Marietta, I love when the weather turns cooler. And I am also thinking ahead to the holidays. I'm thinking of spending less AND decorating more. I have so much I can use and I'm think about disassembling some of it and reusing in "new" decorations. I read your blog daily and really enjoy your inspirational ideas. Sally

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Now you are really getting me exited for Christmas!! I will have to check out that magazine- I love Fifi's articles and photography! I love decorating for Christmas so much!

Sandi said...

Hi Marietta,
I love all the Christmas decor too. All the glitz and glamm. I won't do as much this year either. At least that is the "plan"... we will see how that turns out. :)
I need to pick up that magazine because my subscription just expired and it is one of my faves.

SharDon Exclusives said...

Marietta, I really like the header! Plus Christmas is my very favorite time of the year. I have dozens of boxes of decorations that I have to go through and sort out. But every Christmas I think, "I'll do it next year". They are so hard to dispose of when they have been around for years because of the memories attached.
I love reading each post that you make..Sharon