Saturday, September 26, 2009


Oh my goodness.... the day has gotten away from me... I went down to the Red Barn Fall Open House this morning... As always it was very nice and I wrote a check for a few small things and the good thing was I got a check back for some selling of my paper doll ornaments in the past couple weeks, so it worked out well. I had printer problems this morning with a ink cartridge I had re-filled so I made a trip into Defiance to take care of that... Have been working on paper dolls since my return to have more to place on Ebay.... Auctions will be ending with a hour ... I hope this weekend will be spent bringing all of you happiness... Key will be to eliminate as many stresses as possible. Enjoy small treats... I had a simple small treat of mulled apple cider this morning at the open house... Always so enjoyable to go to quaint little places and be surrounded by people enjoying the experience, and finding new little tidbits to add to the charm of your home... I am off to do more cutting, gluing and tweaking and watching the Ohio State Buckeyes Football on TV. I most likely won't find time to post tomorrow as we will be off for church in the morning followed by going to the golf course for a Member's special event outing... I have never played in this event so do not know what to expect... The attitude will be to enjoy no matter if it be a formal affair with elaborate decorations or a day on the course... as anything extra in a person's day always adds extra spice... So you all go add that spice and pizzazz and enjoy yourself......Blessings.....


TheresainMS said...

Love this image and am especially taken with your 'slower pace' idea. Less stress would benefit all of us. Hope you enjoy your Sunday and good luck on the golf course.

The Victorian Parlor said...

I love drinking hot apple cider in the cooler months! I hope you enjoyed your weekend!