Friday, September 4, 2009


Another holiday weekend is near.... I hope you all have plans to spend a lovely weekend... Ours actually will be pretty simple.... The only real plans we have will be Monday we will be playing in a mixed couples golf scramble that starts at 9:00 in the morning... This will take a good 4 to 4 1/2 hours with a meal served after and much conversation with groups of friends..... Tonight we will also be going to a mixed scramble at 6:00.... Tomorrow at noon we will be watching the OHIO STATE BUCKEYES at noon on TV.... In the spirit of the old hymn "We Gather Together" we will be spending time with friends and also some quality alone time. I have several projects started.... I am starting my paper dolls for the season and working on 50th class reunion table decorations.... I am working on little sodas for the table right now... Will share pics when I am totally done with them... I am donating everything.... so it is a bit of a challenge to make it rather cute and keep it down..... I can feel the summer season continuing to wind down... I have been gathering from the garden and purchasing a few items from the farmers market and we have been enjoying a wide array of lovely fruits and veggies.... I plan on enjoying a several meals on our deck truly is a time to count our blessings... Tom and I always have a ample amount of food .... Sometimes as we sit and indulge I think we do forget just what a blessing a everyday meal is... There are so many who do not set down for a meal... I plan on making a pie and haven't decided between a a coconut cream or a rich pecan.... I know I will also take time and loose myself in a enthralling book.... The weekend is suppose to be very pleasant but I can feel and hear the wind whistle every once in awhile as a reminder that winter is just around the corner... making all the more scense to enjoy what is offered today. Thought of getting out my stored fall seasonal decorations have started to enter my mind...Whatever your style home... porch furnishings for the season are always welcoming for yourself and friends and family... This saying that cheery autumn has arrived.... If you are on a budget .... this is a great time of year cause God has already taken care of natural things to decorate with.... Take a trip to the country and stop along the raodsides and cut yourself gathering of thisles, grasses and textures of weeds drying there..... everyone has some old clothes... a homemade scarecrow is all a welcome friend ....It amazing what you can do with a old pair of jeans and a flannel shirt and a straw hat ..... As we enjoy our holiday weekend let us not forget nor take advantage or granted the freedoms with which we are blessed... Not all is perfect in our country at this time ... but we do have the freedom to live well... laugh long.. and love much... With this appreciation... cherishing those things I love most, I am looking forward to enjoying this day and my weekend to come.....Hoping for you many giggles will erupt and the sounds of laughter will be heard ..... " May our house always be too small to hold all our friends." Myrtle Reed

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Sandi said...

Oh yumm Marietta!! I LOVE coconut pie and pecan as well! I don't make many pies, but my mother is a wonderful pie maker.
Our weekend will be busy as well and we have a flea market down on our corner again. I got a large 2 piece cement bird bath for $15.00! Was thrilled!!