Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hold Family Close With Stitches Of Love

There was no enjoying the gentle fall sunshine yesterday or last evening and seems to be a repeat for today... Even the over-stuffed pumpkins in outdoor settings were chilled by the ambitious winds and the chilly air and drizzle. I knew indoors was a safe place for me, so I did a few household chores, meals, and worked on paper dolls for ebay... The evening hours were spent watching TV { HGTV} and embroidery on towels and pillowcases.
Have you ever thought about where the best place in your house is and why you feel that way? What gives it that special place to be feeling? Is it a old wing back chair or the faded feel of time-worn? I would bet it is not your " look but do not sit room"... For me as most of you know by now, it's all the shabby junk little objects that give me my sense of home.... Like every time I see a faded rose my heart leaps... I love hand-stitched pieces that took hours of love to develop.... with little tiny stitches that will withstand the test of time.... Loving the primitive self taught inspiration and timeless appeal... What a true gift it is... Sitting in your favorite space with a fabric in hand and something to create can also become passion and a way to spark personal pleasure. For many, needlepoint, embroidery, and quilting reflects works in their lives... Many times being passed from generation to generation as this work is completed with the stitches ever so tight and devotion will last at least 150 years..... You are never completely alone... always surrounded by family when accompanied by these lovely pieces of classic... elegant... and oh so timeless stitches of love......


Leigh Ann said...

Hi there, I didn't make it over to the open house. How did it go, did you sell some of your items? We had a lot of visiting to do for birthdays, new babies and Emma's soccer game. Not to mention I was just plain tired after Cedar Point on Saturday. Do you know if the Red Barn will be open this weekend?
Leigh Ann

Sandi said...

Weather is a bit chilly isn't it Marietta. Brrrrr. I hope it isn't a sign of things to come this winter.

I enjoy each part of my home, but if I had to pick a favorite, I suppose it would be the living room...or the kitchen...or the den...hee hee.
Enjoy your day!