Monday, October 26, 2009

Color Inspiration

When we open our eyes each morning we perceive color and have a reaction that affects our moods, just as waking up to a sunlit day compared to a grey gloomy day. For some bright hues fill your rooms... For me, I much prefer whites, creams, tans, browns as I love surroundings to be calmer.... With the neutrals, I can add or take away punches of color with accessories. I love drinking in the vintage objects married in touches of creams, whites and maybe a touch of pink. Oh so very yummy... In your decorating touches it is always good to use your own instincts because you want your home to reflect what you love and want to surround yourself in.
I am most definitely not going to go with a red room because someone else loves it... and you shouldn't either..... When combining a bunch of objects it usually works because they are things you love.It is okay to love diversity... I really tend to do that. Use what is beautiful to you. The ideas are plentiful for your holiday decorating... My only suggestion would be to try to stay with the same color tones when mixing your objects.... Patterns adapt if they are in the same color... Last holiday I used browns, beige's and aged papers for my main holiday decorating.... This year will be different with whites, aged tans and I have existing ornaments in these shades awaiting in storage boxes... It seems like unwrapping old friends you may have forgotten about as you pull out your storage boxes.... As I will be down sizing my decorating this year... many boxes will remain taped shut... I haven't decided yet to part with many... The romance of the holiday season still seems to center on the Christmas tree in many homes.. I have also down sized my trees over the years and will only have a 5' slim tree again this year... I always make sure it is decorated in the best of the best of things I love. This gives me pleasure to look at it throughout the holiday season.... Many memories of love and past traditions arise during this time, love ones who may no longer be with us... and the desire to make new memories for others to carry with them.. It is the way we embrace sentiments that makes it so very lovely... Each year as the season approaches we seem to dream of churches nested in snow, candlelight twinkling in windows, trees radiant with shimmering embellishments, the fragrance of baking coming from our kitchens, and the warmth of the flickering fireplace... Our hopes and dreams waiting as unexpected gifts everywhere... We only need to look carefully and enjoy,love and sharing... Just stop, look, smell, and feel as the holiday season starts to whisper to you........


The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Marietta,
I have been enjoying your music this morning. My cat loves the birds, the ocean sound is always a nice sound to me. I do miss it. I have been thinking alot about color. In Lowes looking at paint chips,,,so many colors. I am glad you are looking forward to decorating for the season, and rediscovering the packed away treasures. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

What greets me in the morning???
Well, in my bedroom I have some of the more personal vintage photos of my family & heirlooms from my Mother's family. I also have my Great Aunt's rocking chair that was my Grandmother, Mother's & now mine. It is so old I don't want anyone sitting in it but me.
The items in my room are so private & personal to me.....