Monday, October 12, 2009

Sweet Memories

In order to make sweet memories for others and for our self's we have to do special things. Traditions and meaningful times sometimes take special planning... Just like when we prepare special dishes at holidays, we enjoy the fruits of our labor...

I feel if we live more days like they were a holiday we would be more content in our personal life... I remember as a child and teen, Sundays were very special. They were a family day...Special meals were prepared after learning God's word.... time for games, laughter and sharing were enjoyed by all. Not one child sitting with a I pod in one ear and another with a Wee in his or her hand, not communicating with others... I believe we have created a BIG GAP......Forgetting when we recall sweet memories past, we usually find the simplest things, give off the greatest glow of happiness. Stop and think of some of the sweet memories you enjoyed through the years with the idea in mind of perfectly creating these for your friends and family to carry with them.... It is ever so wonderful to hold sweet remembrances of years gone by. It is a true treat to see the enjoyment of others when enthusiasm and joy is twinkling in their eyes......


Sandi said...

Hi Marietta,
Sundays were special when I was growing up too. Always church, but then we would go to my grandparents after lunch and spend a few hours with them. It was alwasy a special time.

kathy said...

Marietta , just catching up with all your sweet doins and sentiments -- Love all you do !!
kathy - ga

The Victorian Parlor said...


This is such a beautiful post. I do remember the days when we entertained ourselves by making a tent in the bedroom with blankets and chairs, playing outside, and sharing Holidays with family. My mother made everything a memorable event. I prefer the simpler times in life and long to see this generation make similar memories to share with the next generation.