Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thoughts Of Vignettes

The last days of fall can bring new beginnings..... Time to tackle those decorating ideas.... Autumn is pumpkin season... shades of oranges and crisp days .... As we travel on we enter into endless possibilities..... Snow whites and shimmer, all very appealing to the eye.....
When thoughts wonder toward decorating the perfect solution is thinking of creating vignettes.... Lovely little gatherings of objects that are similar or seem to wed well ... This proves to be very, very, lovely at the holiday season. My background of design for many years has allowed me to view many sitting of objects.... The biggest mistake made is sitting objects out like a line of soldiers instead of grouping them.... Grouping is much more appealing to the eye, allowing space between vignettes keeps it from looking cluttered.... Grouping is best achieved by elevations by use of elevation with vintage books, boxes, or stemmed ware dishes or a object in your collection that can add height... The vignette I love the most is one achieved by the use of a large glass cloche { a bell jar}... I just love the look and appeal and changes you can make over the years period.... They seem to reflect light and add dazzle.... Searching through magazines , viewing and reading blogs, and visiting shoppes, are the best resources for adding vignettes with sweet touches for our holiday drama. As my thoughts wondering toward giving my home a holiday happening ,I know my first thought will be vignettes and pass the glitter please......


Sandi said...

Can you believe the holidays are almost upon us Marietta?? again?? Time just seems to fly the older I get. Love vignettes and cloches too. Lovely display in your home!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I love all your white mirrors. Hope you are having a great Sunday, T

Anonymous said...

My elderly Uncle told me once that I was like a goose. A goose will sit on her nest & drag all her feathers etc near by. He said I am like that because I love all my "stuff" near me!!

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Marietta:
I love your sofa!!!
The colors are so soothing in your vignette. How nice of you to share with us : )

Laurie said...

I love to create little vignettes, yours are so beautiful!
One of these days I have to find a bell jar, things do look so lovely under one ~
Hope you are having a wonderful day.