Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today's Choices

In our world today the choices of how we live our life's are YOURS and are MINE.... It is really very simple... Like a on and off switch.... We have choices of light or darkness, joy or despair... We have choices to place ourselves in settings that nourish the soul and heart... and not to be swallowed up by all that surrounds us and adds temptation and pressures... Allowing ourselves good choices after we have laboriously achieved our daily task, we can go to sleep in peace knowing God is awake.....

" My People will dwell in peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places." Isaiah 32:18

May you and your families have the happy, healthy, lives with the desire and making of good choices........Enjoy a wonderful day.....


Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful & timely post. How true... how true!!
I have learned that no matter how hard I push that rope uphill what I really needed to do was cast my cares!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Sandi said...

Lovely thoughts Marietta! I hope you have a wonderful day today.

Karen said...

sigh. Isn't it nice to just "be"?
love the picture - and the reminder.
Have a wonderful day! Karen