Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Legend Of The Five Kernels

The first winter the Pilgrims spent in their new home was very ,very, cold. Food was short in supply. Some days they had enough food for each person to have five kernels of corn for the day. But spring came. They planted food. All the pilgrims did not die. From then on, when a time of Thanksgiving came around, the pilgrims put 5 kernels of corn on each plate and used them to remind them of their blessings....

The first kernel reminds us of the autumn beauty that surrounds us.

The second kernel reminds is of our love for each other.

The third kernel reminds is of God's love and care for us

The fourth kernel reminds us of our friends

The fifth kernel reminds us we are free people

As we all take a day away from our everyday routine to share in the harvest with family and friends please remember to give Thanks for all we have...... Wishing all a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving........
As many of you, I am off to do some light housework and laundry and start the preparations for the Thanksgiving meal as my children and Tom's children, combined our children will be all coming tomorrow ready to share a meal with us..........


Julie said...

What a beautiful little story, Marietta--thank-you for sharing it. I love the Pilgrims and their story...a real lesson in faith and endurance! Hope you have a glorious Thanksgiving Day with your family!

SharDon Exclusives said...

Marietta, what a sweet post. Thank you for sharing this legend.
Where do you get all of these stories?
I am praying you have a blessed time with your family on Thanksgiving.
p.s. do you know since adding the fairy dust that your site has slown down and is jerky? I am NOT complaining just wanted you to know in case others have the same problems

Twyla and Lindsey said...

How lovely. I am thankful right now that I have discovered your beautiful blog. I am enjoying my visit here. It is very warm and welcoming. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Twyla

Miss Gracie's House said...

I have heard part of this before...and really liked it.
blessings to you as you prepare and celebrate all of your blessings!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Good story! Perfect to share tomorrow.
Did you bake pie? Good, I will be over! :)