Friday, January 15, 2010

Little Serving Piece Redo

I have a smaller wood server that fits wonderful in this area next to my pie safe... I am always changing it out.... I had purchased this tray on ebay several years ago made from a frame and added handles and mixed french papers... It can be my touch of French....My glass compote purchase at antique store has a stark little wreath below it that is lite with very small rice lights and looks great at night.... I would like to make or find a grain sack instead of the old white runner I have on here now.... We'll see how the hunt or the creating goes... I am going to hunt for some fabric.... Tracey @ posted a lovely little table setting she created for a friend and her and to have a lunch.... She mentioned she had found a linen panel at Target and she made it look great.... It's just a matter of those creative moments ...... I am off in a couple minutes to wash my front living room picture bay picture window as we are having a high in the mid 30's and I despise looking out of windows that haven't been washed for a couple months..... I am off to get this done and some more creating different looks in vignettes....


Tracey said...

Marietta ~

Hi! How sweet of you to mention my post!! You always feature such wonderful special touches yourself!! I love your server tray and how you have given it that French's so fun to do creative makeovers like that, isn't it?!!

Your JDL mag went out on Wed, so you should have it today or tomorrow for sure! It's my favorite issue so far!

:) T

Shopgirl said...

I just love looking at your post, so many wonderful ideas that you share. I do love the tray...I have one somewhere that my son made for would be fun to put a collage of somekind in the bottom..
Have a great weekend, love, Mary