Thursday, January 21, 2010


This morning I went searching in my stash in the cedar closet... hunting for a piece of fabric I may have had left over from a past pillow project... I found a embellished piece of nice quality unbleached heavy muslin that I had made and used as a dresser scarf.... I am thinking it is somewhat fancy but I still have Victorian I am working with and I can free hand some french onto it ... with the fabric marker and make it work as a skirt on my little antique server.... to be continued.....Oh staying in a calm state when trying to create little redo's in your home can be a good thing.... I guess if we give our self time we can realize potential for many items... I need to do this as spending too much money can become a issue.... I rather like the idea and almost the thrill of the challenge for transformation at NO COST. After all I am not wanting to rid of many of my loved objects I have in my home... Just wishing to give them a different appeal and of course... some different eye candy for me to enjoy.... Keeping a open mind , many items may be arm's reach and speak to us. Just being able to realize the objects potential will make it a one of a kind... allowing it to have somewhat charming roots.
I just so enjoy a interesting place to come , sit, enjoy and retire... To achieve this and being able to feel the homes soul is key for making it charming for one's self and for friends to come and share.... Not ever having the desire to live in a mansion makes working in our modest little home so appealing... Close to town but yet a countryside setting so wonderful... I have come to love and feel every comfort within these walls. A warm and loving atmosphere fills the air here... How divine........
PS. And to think I was going to make pillow inserts for my budget totes when all I had to do was go to my stash... I have had 2 pillows like the one I took a pic of for a couple years and there they were waiting to make the totes all plumped out with the perfect look... Oh my gosh ladies... search your stash... Your hubby and your pocketbook will love you......


Shopgirl said...

Since I am a bet of a pack rat, I am sure that there are many things in the closet that could become something more special.
Your handwriting is beautiful, I cannot do that. I love the trim on the fabric you found. I would use that in a heart beat.
In these times your post is perfect. It is smart to re-use, remake. When I was a little girl, the hems on my dresses were wide, and as I grew, the him was made was all good.
Hugs, Mary

Sandi said...

Such gorgeous writing on your pillows Marietta. I could not duplicate that either. You have a gift!

I do enjoy repurposing things though and I am in that just to actually get things done.
Have a beautiful day!
PS my word verification word is "chrying" that anything like crying?? LOL