Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wisdom To Enjoy Moments

I always seem to need somewhat of a boost this time of the year.... It's like our engines shut down and we have to restart them. I usually start seeking out places for inspiration.
We work so had at trying to make the holiday season so perfect, I believe it takes awhile to refuel.
One of the benefits of slowing down, allows us to get back in touch with one's self We seem more comfortable when we are back onto routine... This seems to allow us to simplify.
During the winter months on the north one has to learn to be patient. Many of our activities we enjoy in the summer are put away for a long winter's nap. We must be more content for indoor entertainment. It is a matter of not pushing the river, just letting it flow... Learn to enjoy solitude. Actually if we learn to enjoy... there are few things as powerful as solitude..
Learn to accept life is a continuous succession of moments and we learn to live life happily in those present moments. As we move into our New Year and the moments that will develop in our life's we need to obtain inspiration and awareness. If we don't, we miss many wonderful moments offered to us. I wish for all of you and myself the wisdom to accept and enjoy all moments offered to us.. We know we are going to smile, laugh and cry... Be open to accept all of these......


Sandi said...

Love this post Marietta. I think I have the after Christmas blues. Everyone has gone back home, I still am getting very little sleep and it is COLD!! brrrrr

Looking for the wonderful little moments that make life sing!!

Cynthia K. said...

So true - thanks for another great post! Wisdom is certainly what we need and only in solitude can we really think and mull over new ideas, reflect on our life and make new choices.

Have a Beautifully Blessed New Year...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Julie said...

Beautiful thoughts, Marietta! I'm enjoying the solitude right now as my family is still sleeping after all the New Year's celebrating with family...looking forward to my "regular" routine, too...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. It is so important to appreciate every little thing life has to offer.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Celestial Charms said...

Great words of wisdom, Marietta. We all need to remind ourselves of the sentiment you mentioned. Today, I will be reflecting on cleaning my clutter, and enjoying every moment of it ;)

The Victorian Parlor said...


What a wonderful wisdom filled post to start the new year:)! I am not much of a cold weather, winter person so I tend to hibernate at this time of the year and by spring I am ready to go.



TheresainMS said...

What a beautiful post, Marietta. I love solitude (maybe too much!) and am always glad to get back in my routine. I feel more grounded when my normal routine is chugging along. Though it's those life hiccups that get us energized and make us realize how blessed we are. Gratitude is one of my favorite words :-)

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Sure mindful and meaninful thoughts. Thank you and you are right...we need to just ENJOY each moment..they go by so VERY quickly.


Kat_RN said...

Such a wise post, I really think that is why Mother Nature gave us winter. It is hard to slow down on our own. I am looking forward to reading your blog again.

Shopgirl said...

this is a lovely post. I really like your new Header too.
Hugs, Mary

The Rustic Victorian said...

Being in the present is important, enjoying the day! I hope this new Year brings you lots of peace and health and happiness.
PS,,love Evelyn Nesbitt, the photo is genuis for the time it was taken.