Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Our Loyalty
Our Love
Our genuine concern for their well being

For fun and companionship
For strength
For insight and identify

Because we need to talk
Because there are things a man just " DOESN'T GET".....

Since I have been blogging it seems I never feel like I am ever alone... MY lists of new blogs seem to grow everyday I happen on new blogs and I know there are so many out there to still be discovered, that will bring me great joy... So much inspiration and "yes" lessons learned in life and creating by loving and talent just wows me. Some of us create on tight budgets and many do no have to be concerned about the cost... These are always very obvious to me... but I find them both interesting... I especially love the blogs that show creating from found objects and do things on a budget... Also love to find something to make me smile is always a delight... One of my favorite visits{ and believe me I have a half days worth} is to Kim at http://thevictorianparlor.blogspot.com her lovely work and stories and searches and who can forget Kramer Chronicles always makes me smile...

"We cannot really love anybody whom we never laugh with".............
Agnes Repplier


Marilyn said...

This is such a lovely post & so very true..... I find myself looking forward to the morning now wondering who left a comment on my blog. Thank You Marietta.... You are a true friend!!

Stella said...

Yes, bloging friends are a wonderful addition to our life. I especially enjoy mine as I work alone and don't have the office friendships I once had. Thanks for reminding how important they are.

Thanks for coming by to visit me and do come again.


friends are important and I like your sentiments...specifically where you say they are our identity...it's true they really do help us to define our own personalities.

blogging really has opened up the 'girly' conversation that we have a strong need for!

love today's post..

see you soon
carmelina, your newest blogging friend

sylvia said...

I like your blog, you still long.
Today I loved your words
Sorry, my English is very bad and
not allow me to express myself as I wish


Tracey said...

Hi Marietta! I loved what you said about girlfriends...how some things a man just doesn't get...sooooooo true...I love my husband very much, but I'd be lost without my best friend! I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!!!

:) T

Shopgirl said...

This is a sweet and very real post. After shaking of the night and having filled my cup with coffee or tea. I come to peek, to see if one of my blog friends have come by. And in the words come the comfort of friendship.
Thank you for coming, we shared a moment in time...we had a cup of friendship....you always take the time. Hugs, Mary

T's Daily Treasures said...

So very true! It is an amazing virtual word of positive encouragement, inspiration and creativity. I love, love, love your embellished boxes. I do the same thing -- but not fast enough. I have about 20 cereal boxes that need to be made over into gift totes. Isn't it wonderful what a little scrapbook paper and bits and bobs can do to make something so useful and beautiful once again. Wishing you a day of many blessings and simple joys. :) Tammy

Sandi said...

AMEN! Love this post Marietta! Blogging has opened up a whole new world to me. I have made many new friends whom I may never meet in person, but I still feel like I have known some of them for a lifetime. Friends are the best ever!!
I am cleaning in my creative space today and take a break every now and then to check blogs...what does that tell you? lol

The Victorian Parlor said...


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words! Your friendship means a great deal to me and I always draw so much wisdom and inspiration when I visit your blog that it warms my heart to know that you enjoy visiting my blog too! I think this is one of my favorite things about blogland-finding like spirits to share with:). Thank you again:)!


Kim (and Kramer too)!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Marietta,
just found your blog - love it.
And I love your sentiments about friendship - how very true.
Have a wonderful day