Friday, February 19, 2010

Generous Little Doses

Do you have a most valuable possession? I have many things I love.... Do you believe surrounding yourself with things you enjoy cause much joy... Just living in a free country and being able to do what we love is a true blessing... The charming details and creative ideas married with wonderful dishes, beautiful settings can make delicious for me. Generous little doses of all these makes life very desirable... Identify and taking the time to soothe ones soul and mind and body is the key... If you let this all slip by because you think you are too loose out... The verse" Take Time To Smell The Roses" has very strong meaning... persue your passions... it may have to be in a smaller way but it will create contentment..... Notes, pictures, and findings create inspiration... Creating lovely spaces for ones self is always conversation starter and can be enjoyed by all. Have a dream... start creating charm to your rooms... Enjoy.....


Shopgirl said...

I love this post, you are so right.
We tend to think I will do that tomorrow, or there will always be another chance to see this or that.
But the truth is we have the now, the moment and we do need to stop, take this time in and enjoy those we love because we do not know what tomorrow holds. I needed your post this reminded me of stop...take life in.
Hugs, Mary

The Victorian Parlor said...

I agree!!! My treasure is in my faith in God and my family and friends but I also enjoy surrounding myself with things of beauty. I love seeing what others find beautiful and inspiring as well. The differences among us are what makes us all so unique and fun:).



Patti's Artful Design said...

You are so right, Marietta! I did some Spring cleaning, house cleaning, and decorating the last two days, and I truly "lived in the moment." It felt good to accomplish!

Diane Costanza said...

Your words are very wise. Sometimes I would love to be a better, more creative homemaker, but I am so busy that the things my mom had time for when I was a child, such as a special cake for every holiday and decoarting the house for every event in our lives, I find just pass me by and I am not giving my own son those same childhood joys. I certianly do need to heed what you say and take time to smell the roses. Thanks so much for the reminder.