Monday, February 1, 2010


When visiting antique shops I love seeking out old post cards with notes of the past.. It is rather intriguing when you think how popular they were with only a 4 inch space to place a message in... They are like sweet little notes sent to someone our care about... Most post cards were sent to family members or loved ones in the past. I love ready the message usually stated with much care... Seems post cards were once a big business with many options offered, In this day we mainly find post cards in places of travel resorts...
It is the first day of February... what will this month bring as far as weather... Usually February can still bring strong reminders that it is still winter and will be hanging around for several more weeks. The next few weeks seem hard for me to fill in voids.. My mind yearns to do things, knowing full well I will not be willing to spend the money my mind imagines.... As I battle with my cough and cold.... I see things stirring but my movements are not stirring with them... I know it will take patience.... some pampering.... and soon spring will be peeking out from the ground .... Until then I must search for my peace within and visit many of you on your blogs and find inspiration...


Anonymous said...

Dear Marietta,
I love vintage postcards, one of my favorite things to collect.
I do hope you are feeling better, take good care of yourself. Spring will soon be here.

Charlene said...

Marietta I hope you are feeling better! It is terrible to have that sort of cold when it is so cold. Stay in & rest & stay WARM! I am afraid you are right that we have a way to go before the spring. But, we can carry spring in our heart forever if we wish. So, sit back & dream of warmth, green grass & flowers. Be patient my friend. Have a good week. Charlene

Tracey said...

Sorry to hear you have a cough and cold! February can be such a brutal month...I long for Spring...all the lovely blogs {including yours:)} out there certainly do help!!

:) T

p.s. the next issue of JDL is going up on my website for pre-order tomorrow, but don't worry I have not forgotten you have already paid and will reserve your copy!

The Victorian Parlor said...

I love the nostalgia of old post cards. Reading the old messages is like stepping back in time:). I really hope you are feeling better soon!



Duchess of Tea said...

My darling I popped in to wish you a love filled February full of blessings.

Love & Hugs