Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The Easter accessories are safely boxed and stores... I did find time to place a couple twig and bud spheres found stored in my stash... These were used once on my fireplace mantle and stored... I can't remember which dealer these were purchased from at a gift mart in Chicago.... I am thinking they were from Raz or Mark Roberts but I do know they were somewhat pricey for what they are but I loved their texture....I have now place them on a ledge as you enter my front door.. The larger sphere is about 12 inches and the smaller about 5 inches ... The days of being able to purchase lovely silks at wholesale has ended when I retired... There are times I look at lovely hand-tied silks but place them back because they are of great expense.... I will enjoy the ones I have.. I believe it is very important for us to change up for the seasons... If we don't our home looks and feels like we would feel wearing our heavy weight sweaters on some of the hottest of days... Additions of whites and lighter fabrics are always a wonderful choice to lighten and brighten... In order to achieve the looks we love in others homes... we must set the right atmosphere.... Everyone loves little surprises... Be courageous and place unexpected objects on display... This makes you stand out and creates dashes of sparkle and personalization... This all making a home of hospitality and charm filled... Adding objects of nature will never let you down... Rid of items that you know not to be useful or believe to be beautiful... This helps with the de-clutter... Well... I am off to de-clutter my clothes closet... I believe there to be some pretty old and ugly stuff hanging in there.... Oh, I will be glad to get that chore completed..... Have a great day every one.....

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