Monday, April 12, 2010

Homes Are Somewhat Like Flowers

Our homes are somewhat like lovely flowers... only they are scented with the decorations of life... Each room is it's own Romantic bouquet...{Or should be} Your always want your flowers looking fresh and smelling gorgeous... The rules are well served in the rooms of our homes... There are many varieties of flowers just as we find large arrays of objects and items for decorating... The colors... some are very brilliant... some more faded and pastel just as the colors of our homes. I have to reside with the soft colors.... Strong colors or soft colors... strong fragrances or soft... all are magical effects of our homes ...As I continue my quest for making small changes in my surroundings by moving and re-purposing... I am tucking in some feed sacks... My X has offered several to me as I had ask him a couple weeks ago if he had any stored away.. This past week he came up with a large amount of sacks and shared ... I want to make a couple pillows and add a couple to the decks... They aren't the perfect desired ones in French but they are no cost and add a touch of the look I am choosing right now so I am pleased to have them... I did visit a antique store on Saturday that a friend owns to look and get my little vintage fix... I kept telling myself as I was tempted of all the boxes I have just priced and stored in the back room and making a commitment to not getting more.... I will only maybe to continue to purchase a lovely beaded purse a year or maybe a lovely perfume bottle..... I did enjoy my visit and conversation however... The sun is shinning this morning with the promise of a warm up... I hope to take a break from pricing items and work outside... I am thinking mid June for the sale so I have time to work on desired projects also... The word garage sale seems to be tacky and used up... I am thinking of a different approach to this sale... Any Ideas? I will keep you posted as that " thinking cap" comes out once more... As for today.. plans are to clean over the top of the house and head out to enjoy the fresh growth appearing from the soil and making their appearance... Remember when decorating one thing that really manifests the coziness and mood is the patina... I think the print and texture of the grain sacks does just this if it be a decor of Victorian to Country... It just works for me.....And of course you know by now if it works for me ... that's what matters......


Farm Field Primitives said...

I love your feedsacks. I too would like to make some pillows. Great minds...... As for a name for your garage sale, Treasure Trove comes to mind since one woman's trash is definitely another woman's treasure!! I'm sure I'll see you this weekend for the b-day party.

Anonymous said...

"Our homes are somewhat like lovely flowers... only they are scented with the decorations of life... Each room is it's own Romantic bouquet.."

Oh my that is just beautiful ~ you have such a way with words, you should be writing for Victoria Magazine. I have been hooked on French Blogs lately, the colors, the flowers, oh everything.
I like how you mix textures of the lace and feed sack pretty. I never liked the term yard or garage sale either. But boy, I would love to come to yours!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Marietta!!! I'm so in love your beautiful combination!!!!! The rustic with the elegant is so very beautiful to me ~ just perfect...beautifully written post too sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

The Victorian Parlor said...


Your words are always so inspirational! What a beautiful post looking at home like flowers! It is so true!



SharDon Exclusives said...

I think we were born a couple of generations too late. I love your Vintage Victorian style and that table cloth is beautiful. I have been missing blogging. We are working on our flower beds and that will take most of the summer.
So I am exhausted tonight. I will try to catch up later,