Monday, April 26, 2010

Listen To What Makes You Happy

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Listening to what makes you happy inside will help you create a beautiful space..... Many times a poor man puts us all to shame... because they always can find a way, a purpose for using objects.... there are lessons to be learned here... Stopping and tapping into our creativity can just make us plain happy... Staying true to yourself we can never go wrong.... I do know great joy and beauty can come from having lovely landscaping in our yards.. I admittedly wish I had more funds to have more lavish things for our doors... but I don't and therefore must be content to work with what I have available... I would love to have a beautiful large fountain but I will use my little hand-made fountains of china and be thankful the pumps are working again this year... I will try to add some vintage treats with objects existing here... Hopefully I will share some pics soon..The stormy weather is still here and not allowing for picture taking or completely a few things in the yard... My dreams of cast iron urns.... lovely statues... and water fountains will come reduced to small treats... I will be ever so thankful however to have a home to surround and keep me warm and dry and a yard to enjoy... as many do not have even this... Having these outdoor spaces creates the nourishing of our minds and body and spirit... Tom has worked up a garden space and planted our sweet corn for season.. Another blessing of nourishment... I have added a couple new plants I will take some pics and share at a later date... I so love plants that vine... Turning trash to treasure in our yards is a great place as mother nature takes her fury out on objects left in the elements and creates patina..Life and living it is a required taste... Don't hesitate using the unexpected in our outdoor spaces as well as indoors.. staying within reason.. like not moving a German tank or something in your yard can be fun.. Trust your own instincts and you will find your home and outdoor space will really define you... It is getting into the afternoon and the skies seem to be brightening after about 4 days of rains... Hopefully I can at least be outside to sweep off the front porch and the decks and remove all the mess from trees and blowing... Hoping for the next few days to be better and able to finish some projects.... Blessings


Laurie said...

Dear Marietta,
I bet your garden is as lovely as the inside of your home! I like the idea of re~purposing items for our gardens. I once saw someone use chippy teacup saucers for an edging.
We have a home around here that uses a clawfoot tub for an herb garden. I love stuff like that. My gazing ball was our big purchase this year, as I have been wanting one forever. I love plants that are vines as well. Our jasmine is getting ready to bloom, on the handmade arbor my husband made from leftover rebarb (from building the house).
I hope you are able to enjoy some time outdoors today. Our gardens do nourish our souls...

Marilyn said...

Going to be cold here again tomorrow but when it gets warm I need to make the back porch more summery!!
Love your post!!