Friday, April 9, 2010

Little Things Mean Allot

I am always thankful when you all take the time out of your busy day to stop by and visit... It is a relaxingly feeling taking time for ourselves and I love reading your comments and sharing... We all need dreams and I hope you are following yours... The biggest challenge for mine is still my very tight budget... I know we are not to dwell on money but it usually ends up being required... I love it the very most when a blogger shares a small budget friendly or no cost project... and makes a dream unfold.
Wherever we reside I believe it can have it's own personal charm... One of the most important things is filling it with people and things we love.... Again in my mind purchasing a large amount of objects you love can be made to work.... because you love them... the loving them seems to set a tone... Last evening Tom and I went to view a old farm home that connects up with his land he owns and will be coming up for auction.. The couple whom lived there are no longer with us after a nice long journey through life... The thing I am wondering about myself this morning is when I enter a home I can usually see some form of potential... This home did not speak to me.... I wonder of my creative juices are fading... I felt even after a extensive remodel of great means... this home would still not have the charm I desire... The home to me seemed to have no flow to it... I was very glad to return to my little ranch home again... Guess this rather shouts satisfaction although I would like to continue with a couple little changes... Just takes me to the words.... " Little Things Mean Allot".....

Ps.Our day in this area is rather chilly and damp... I won't be going out of doors to work on anything today.... I most likely be sticking my head in one more closet and pricing some scrapping items for the coming sale...I need to set up my table in the rec room once again for the making of some cards for some events coming...


Anonymous said...

What a sweet post!! I too take an imaginative look into a home I may visit..... Sometimes I can see myself living there & sometimes not so much!!
We are chilly here too!! Good day for me to work on a pair of pillowcases!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!

Sandi said...

Hi Marietta,
Definitely a change in weather here the past couple days. I think it is a good thing when we are content in our own small abode. We add our touch and that is what makes it special.

Anonymous said...

I believe homes are alive, well, you know, have a spirit all their own. Some "speak" to our souls, some don't.
Oh, I know what you mean about money. Something we are not supposed to dwell on, but it is hard not to...
Hope your day is a lovely one.
It is chillier here today too ~ I have been for the most part indoors.

SharDon Exclusives said...

Hello, sweet friend, I have missed you. I have been away from my computer and found myself thinking of all the friends I have made through this wonderfullly horrid thing called a computer. I have been having problems with this darn thing and thought I might not be able to get on line. UGH! But it has finally decided I am back and needed to get in touch with my computer buddies. Thinking of you,

The Victorian Parlor said...


I too love to dream (in fact I posted on this very subject this evening:). I also love to see different houses. Many speak to me while others just seem kinda blah. It's fun to think about all the wonderful things one could do to make a house their own. As for me, I am blessed to have such a wonderful home. We have created our dream home in the one God has blessed us with. I think we can all create our dream home right where we are with a little imagination, inspiration, and some good old fashioned elbow grease:). I really enjoyed this post (of course I always love your posts-they make me think and inspire me).