Saturday, April 24, 2010

Outdoor Spaces

My love of mismatched tumbles to the out of door spaces... I have stated before I would just love to add more lavish objects to this space but it is impossible to keep a table cloth even on a table most days... We are in the country and wide open... and out door items really shows weather beaten... I have some pillow chair covers I know are at least 15 years old... I have taken them in and out constantly from the elements but need a change... I am thinking I will be able to insert them into some { what other} than grain sacks.. I hope to make these work for my main table ...chairs .... and umbrella... and a swinging glider ... on my I am ready for a different look... I want to take the sewing machine out on the table and work on this project...but will have to be patient and wait on the weather to change... and try to create this with no cost... just a small amount of labor... I don't know if you saw the post Ann placed on her blog ... with the lovely linens and pillows... Oh my gosh now that's what I am talking about more lavish... It maybe would work for me for one afternoon of entertainment but beyond that would be destroyed.... Oh my... and check out that scrumptious journal she is creating.... WOW..... Do stop over and look at her very lovely blog... Mixing elegant touches, many vintage of course... vintage linens... mismatched everything... adds the perfect appeal for myself... The use of canning jars outside seems endless... vasing flowers... containers for candle lighting... drinking glasses for iced beverages... all adding charm.. Old galvanized or porcelain containers for plants and ice beverages... The lovely relaxed feeling obtained when sitting and viewing outdoor spaces... the picnic or outdoor meal... is a simple reason to expect much enjoyment and pleasure... For the next few days in my area however, I will be hanging out inside... hopefully this season will soon settle in and draw friends and family together on porches and decks and backyard spaces to enjoy the seasonal gift of summer treats...


Laurie said...

Good Morning Marietta,
I have lots of those Ball blue canning jars, I need to start using them!
I love seeing beautiful outdoor spaces, but where we I can't keep anything cloth wise outside very long. It is just too humid here in the south and mildew is a big problem.
One of these days we hope to have our front porch screened in so at least the gnats won't be too bad.
For now I will daydream...
Oh, I found another gorgeous, inspiring Swedish blog. Thought you might enjoy it too. I still haven't looked at all her posts ~ each one is so pretty!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Marilyn said...

I have a screened-in back porch & have found if I don't use fabric that is intended for outside & in the sun it faded quickly!!
Plus we have wind a lot & everything tumbles off the table so-o-o-o I use plastic for the most part!!
Love your post!!

Stella said...

I too am dreaming of getting my outdoor space in order but it has been raining for the last three days. Looking forward to seeing your new porch decorations. Stella