Friday, April 30, 2010

The Place I Want To Be

Reading the news as of late months makes me a bit like a marshmallows... All the tragic and disasters... celebs with all the money selling their souls and partners enduring the hurt... Makes my quiet little life seem like the best place on earth to be... Yes... I am about to do a common chores like clean my modest little home and plant some wave petunias... and possible work on those grain sacks for my decks... sound somewhat boring... Oh not to me... No paparazzi or anyone hiding behind fences.... just sunshine and gentle breezes awaiting the outdoors... I am oh so truly blessed... I can share what I please on this blog with you all and enjoy many little treats offered each and every day and not always on display... My thoughts and wishes for all of you and of your lifes be of true happenings that are meaningful, not pityful... Enjoy what really matters...Enjoy who you are and what you love the most...
Ps. The above picture from People magazine... Baby Louis Bardo certainly can mend a broken heart... Look at those eyes!!!!!


Temps perdu said...

Oh I feel the same way.
I enjoy the everydaylife -things in my life too.
Wishing you a pleasant weekend.

Sandi said...

I love my little corner of the world. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else...except maybe Italy or Paris. lol We are blessed indeed!!

Lady Farmer said...

This simple, quiet country life is for me, too! I wouldn't trade it for a Hollywood mansion or the white house or paparazzi or the movies! I love my little farm with my little chicks and purring cats!
Visiting grandbabies are my excitement! I will take everyday that I am given like that with gratitude, joy and contentment!
Enjoy your day of house blessing, petunia planting and grain sack sewing. That's livin'! ;~P

Confessions Of The Unfaithful Widow said...

Lovely blog. Just found you and am now a follower. Come see me and then if you click on the button Barb's Botanical Garden you'll find my antique/garden spot. Barbara

Wish on a Whisker said...

Love this sweet post. I love a quiet little life. ~Mandy