Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Happenings

Good Morning... A light spring rain shower earlier is visible as I view out of doors this morning and sip my coffee.. Tom is off to get his feet wet before 7:30 a.m. as I roll out of bed for the day... Anyone else live with a golf-acholic? Seems blossom by blossom spring is beginning.. The sun is now out saturating the earth... Spring is in the air again today... Easter Sunday has come and went... Does anyone feel like when you are the hostess you miss most of the day? I always feel I was sparse.... one on one time as you have a house full.. Just getting the food out seems to be the main stay... Everyone seems to be so hungry... Gathering and waiting... We enjoyed a couple new faces at out Easter gathering this year as my oldest son , Shawn , brought a friend and her son .... and the son came bearing flowers... How sweet... I am enjoying them and the thought.....
It is the first of the week and it will be back to having my head in the closets and more cleaning and pricing.... I do want to take some fun time however and place some vintage china out to decorate my decks.. to start making them more appealing for summer use... They are very simple decks but really get allot of use over the summer months... This is where almost all of our leisure time is spent... The pool will be opened and readied for the next holiday... memorial day... The grand kids were speaking of it already yesterday... The youngest... Lance... last year..He climbed on chairs{in his bathing suit}and was jumping off. When ask what he was doing he was practicing jumping into the pool... He learned to place his head down and dive over the course of the summer last year so I do hope practicing does not take place this year as it may require a 911 call...
In the states we have true winters we look forward to the days of front porches and back yards... casual gatherings with family and friends... Leisurely meals on the BBQ{ saving kitchen clean up} and fresh... sipping iced tea and lemonade and other beverages.... It truly brings out the childhood voices and reminds us to come out and play... Well sipping my coffee time has come to a end.. I am off to change my table... empty my glass cloche of bunnies and eggs and place them in storage for another year... Mopping the kitchen of little spills... and a couple loads of laundry... Since I am not feeling exactly like a bolt of lighting today we will see where the hour of the day is by then and that may be most of the happening.... Left overs will be the meal plans... Sometimes it takes me a day to energize after a holiday... I am a bit like the solar lights we place out in our yards after having them in storage for the winter... somewhat dim ... Hope you all enjoyed a lovely day yesterday.


Sandi said...

Oh Marietta,
I agree with you and I love how you said it:

*Sometimes it takes me a day to energize after a holiday... I am a bit like the solar lights we place out in our yards after having them in storage for the winter... somewhat dim*

SO SO TRUE and spoken so well!
It always takes a whole day at least for me to re-energize. Feeling the effects today and am planning on doing much of nothing. lol
Have a restful Monday friend.

Mollye said...

Hello Marietta, This is my first time to visit you and I loved my visit! XXMollye

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a nice Easter. I do think playing hostess is very tiring. I usually don't eat much during the meal because I am tired of looking at it all day!
I am so glad the weather is warming up ~ this seems to have been a very hard Winter on everyone.
Have a wonderful Monday.