Monday, May 31, 2010

A Bit Of Old Fashion

No matter how old we are, the long awaited arrival of summer always seems to carry us back to our youth but we still rejoice in the feeling of going barefoot in the grass... Summer seems to bring on many celebrations and opportunities to spend with family and friends... May and June... Graduations... Memorial Day...brides and grooms...birthdays... all creating joy... We are just never to enjoy these.... The best of times.... The true answer to ones contentment is to have the wisdom to celebrate the summer season and create reasons to make special moments...
Mother seems to make plans for such celebrations but often fathers and husbands take the load of preparation off my managing the BBQ grilling... Guests adding a special prepared dish of their own can make for a real feast... to be enjoyed by all... With the rising temps we all seem to venture from our homes... It does not take much for myself in indulge and delight in the relaxed spirit... More light fill the days days and landscapes burst with color created with the coming of summer... Iced beverages appear more often....
How many times in life do we hear the word "OLD FASHION" and find ourselves instantly drawn to it... "OLD FASHION" picnic... lemonade... barn dance.. ect... It instills the pure enjoyment of a easier and more relaxed time when all was content with less and not expect so much luxury.... People content with the food and laughter of repeated story telling... of life's lessons... Last evening Tom and I enjoyed TB's on the grill.. fried mushrooms.. cheesy baked potatoes and sweet corn and strawberries and bananas with a generous scoop of french vanilla ice cream..... later in the evening... It was a meal fit for a King and a Queen... as we sat in our everyday summer garb and barefoot enjoying every moment on our deck... looking out over the lawns and colorful flowers and birds joining together in a choir like concert.... To have the time to indulge and meditate in such a environment undisturbed is just a small touch of heaven here on earth... IT SEEMS AS ALL BECOMES RIGHT WITH THE WORLD WITH THESE KIND OF ENJOYED MOMENTS. Just to have the time to enjoy the taste of cherries and strawberries appeasing out taste desires.. just makes the day a truly "OLD FASHION ONE" We should be ever so thankful for " Home is where the heart is" so strongly received... I so hope you all had moments spend with a touch of "Old Fashion" within them... I know mine was very clearly charming and oh so pleasant...
Today in a couple hours will be a different time spend with others... We will be leaving to join in a mixed couples golf scramble 18 holes and a lunch served afterwards with shared time with many friends.... The weather may have a say in the results as I look at the the forecast but only time will tell that.... I know upon the completion of today I will come home tired but happy from the days outing.... I will you all "Old Fashion" happiness and peace and relaxation on this day of remembrance..... Blessings......


The Victorian Parlor said...

I hope you have a wonderful day golfing:). Happy Memorial Day!



Anonymous said...

Marietta! i do enjoy reading you!

and how beautifully written this post was! i just had to comment on your eloquent brilliance!

my hubby just finally got the BBQ all ready for the season..and yes, it really does give me a break in the kitchen, which is sort of nice!
leaves me more time for blogging! ha!

enjoy your monday!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh....Summertime & the livin' is easy!!

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vintagesusie & wings said...

A bit old fashioned is a good thing!!! Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend. Your blog is lovely, I look forward to following on your life's adventures!
Smiles Friend,