Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gloomy... I think I Might Need Chocolat

Oh our days have been so gloomy and stormy the past few weeks... I am finding they seem to be hindering any inspiration and most definitely making me crabby... Tom told me this morning I am a but ouchie... Okay that means a attitude adjustment is in order... I haven't really enjoyed any girly event lately... I will search for a solution... Today any outdoor pleasures aren't going to be... Need a fix where I am not just running around spending money is involved.. Oh... so what is a lady to do to help herself out of a slumps mood...
I did get my cushions from the grain sacks completed and have not even been able to place them outside on the decks to take pictures and share with you as of yet... Maybe in a couple days as the forecast is not on a upward note for a couple days. I received a invitation to attend a garden event at a shop in Bryan this weekend and would like to do so if the sun does peek through on Friday or Saturday.... That may b just the little fix I am looking for... Just a small get a way and a touch of pamper... Well I am off clean my house as I have the wireless Internet service installation person coming tomorrow morning to hopefully fix my computer woes... It is so dark and gloomy I will have to turn on the lights to clean instead of light streaming through the windows and a gentle breeze flowing in... Now if I opened the windows I would allow cold damp air in and ARTHUR would come for a long visit..... I may have to get out the generator we purchased recently to get this gal going... Oh.... my last baby finch just flew from the nest on the front porch... She flew beautifully from the nest to the nearest tree. Ad within a second flew back and directly into the big picture window I was watching them from... Oh my gosh poor little birdie... welcome to the world.... { She is ok and shook herself off... fluttered her wings and took flight...}


Sandi said...

Hi Marietta,
The weather sure has been yucky lately. Enough to make anyone have the gloomies! Hope tomorrow is better. I am off to that open house in Bryan tomorrow with my mom and others so it will be a nice diversion.
Hugs coming your way!!

Sandi said...

Hi Marietta,
Tried to comment earlier, but my computer wouldn't cooperate. It sure has been rainy and gloomy lately. I am so tired of rain...hope it ends soon!! Yes eat some chocolate...that always makes me feel better! LOL

Patti's Artful Design said...

Chocolate...more chocolate...and a nice cup of hot tea, Marietta! We have had alot of rain here too....washing windows next week, so I am optimistic!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Spring is very slow to come here too...but promises to be 80 this weekend...hang in will come:)...I love ovals too...yours are so pretty!