Friday, May 14, 2010


I love the fact that when you step through my front door you instantly walk back in time... It is hard to decide what period of time you have stepped into however.. you will view Victorian purses..vintage..just a touch of shabby and a bit of french... I think collecting different periods work because they seem to be family..being I choose what I love and it seems to mix...My home is a ranch and not meant to make the statement that a grand old girl does. I do try not to go to the extreme... but most of my embellishing is meant for me and my passion.. My collections and groupings in my eyes shows visual harmony although from different eras.
It is just oast 9 a.m. and I have been up since 6 a.m. I have been out sweeping the porch and decks and washing the patio door windows that the rain smacked against... The birds are singing and the sun is shinning... It feels wondeful...
I won't be showing pictures taken by me for the next couple days... although I did get my wireless installion updated yesterday... I had to take my best friend... my 1420 laptop to the computer hospital... I had it running after the attack of virus but it just wasn't running efficently... Another hospital bill will mean I won't be showing you any new finds for awhile as I won't be looking any time soon..I am posting with my little Dell MINI that I take when we travel... I don't keep my files or pics on here.. Just for travel and back up... I was planning on going to Bryan today or tomorrow but have changed my mind as I wish not to be tempted the least little bit... I did message and recieve a message from my blog friend Sandi yesterday toward evening and her mother and herself visitied at Bryan ...She said she didn't purchase anything but did enjoy her time... If you haven't visited Sandi's blog.. please do so... It is a wonderful place to spend some lovely moments and maybe find something you love in her etsy shop...
I will be coming to visit many of you in the coming days and have hopes to draw inspiration from some cheap junk... Enjoy your day...


Sandi said...

Oh Marietta,
Thanks for putting in that plug for me. Blogging is just the best! I would have never dreamed when I started what wonderful friends I would make along the way.

I need to get outside and take out the rest of my plants that I brought inside yesterday. I have gotten a few of them out, but still have more to put out.
I have been pounding silverware today! :)

The Victorian Parlor said...


Even without pictures your blog is always inspiring as your words touch my heart and remind all who visit of the simple blessings of daily life:).