Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh The Charm

Hello... I am somewhat late posting today as I have been cleaning and working on a couple projects, just as I now hear the dryer alarm go off. I stopped by the antique shop and picked up my mirror I have had in my dreams for a month... I will share that tomorrow as I was also dreaming of a small embellishment for it... I only had a few minutes at the shop as I was on my way to my doctors appointment... which didn't go as well as some in the past but I will deal with it.... I was able to find these darling photos and believe them to be the loveliest I have... Oh ,my goodness, the children are so pretty.. Please enlarge and look at the absolutely beautiful girl in the photo with the three children.. Oh those eyes... and the little boy... I don't believe I have ever seen a photo of boys hair styled like that... These photos are just precious... Old things find new meaning and love when they land in the hands of someone who loves them... Scraps of vintage threads and linens and brooches often come to refresh some found objects in my home.. Oh I so love these added amongst the timeworn charm surrounding already in our home... Most all my items have been re-purposed, re-used- and re-cycled but still are very inviting... Most of the time I enjoy them so much more in their re-cycled state..... Stop by tomorrow... if the Lord is willing, and allows us another day, I will share a couple pictures of my mirror....

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Sandi said...

Oh how precious Marietta!! I just adore old photos and you have some cute ones!! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see your mirror!!