Saturday, May 22, 2010

On Gloomy Days ...Create

After more storms last evening as the clock registers high noon today... the sun is trying to make it's appearance and the hazy skies disappears I thought it maybe a good time to share some creating I completed yesterday searching for some contentment on a otherwise gloomy day... I did attempt a pint jar light... I will be using this as a night light in my bedroom... on my computer work station... I also searched the basement pantry and found a large lightly tinted blue canning jar to attempt another hanging one... I need to seek a wide mouth jar lid { certainly I must have one somewhere in this home, although I do not can anymore} The jar I place in the dish washer to make it all sparkly clean... This project may happen next week. I also scrapped another organizer from the salvaged back of a hard bound book ......A piece of the grain sacks I have been working with... a precious pic of a flapper and her baby... pieces of french book pages... small pics of Eifle tower and a post card and stamp... curling ribbon.. a pink rose scrap and a large vintage rhinestone brooch... complete this little charmer.... Just another sweet treat of eye candy.... Channeling some energy to creating was a blessing during the gloom of a day without
sunshine... I have a collection of ideas stored in my mind that I would like to create over the next few months.....


Anonymous said...

yes, your title says it all...

this is what i'm doing today...
yesterday was the two year passing of my papa...and today it's grey and raining...but
i'm in my studio working in my new journal!

come by and have a coffee with me!

your creations are lovely!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

The Victorian Parlor said...


Everything is lovely-you are so creative! How wonderful to turn a gloomy day into a creative one:).



Shopgirl said...

We could get together and craft like crazy. We woke to ice on everything and our high for today was 40. Rain mixed with ice and then just rain, and more rain. I want dry and 70. But until then I will have to just craft away too.
Love this post, Hugs Mary