Saturday, May 29, 2010

OutDoor Space

Last evening Tom and I played Mixed Couples Scrambles at the St. Mikes golf course and went in the club house and socialized and ordered a steak and played some Keno with a group of others... On Friday nights at the course in the summer months they serve all you can eat fish { it is delicious} and steaks Grilled outside on the BBQ... The steaks dinners are only 8.00 and mine was very very good.... It is open to the public and serving starts at 5 in case anyone close is interested... We will be playing in a scramble on Monday also....
The gifted grain sack cushions have finally made their appearance on the 2 back decks and the front porch... I am pleased with the at no cost look... It must be kept simple due to the elements and the swimwear as I have posted before... I used the cushions we have had for about 15 years and inserted them into the grain sacks and sewed the end shut... I am content to have something different to look at and delighted in the not a dime spent... Just alittle bit of labor,,, I will be happy with what is available to myself and just oohh and ahhhh about what may be available for others... I have seen some just knock out spaces on other blogs but I also am very aware we may be on totally different levels of living... I must tell you very honestly however... I know having all would not increase my level of happiness... If I cannot be content with the blessings bestowed in our lives there will be no contentment... Happiness truly becomes in the eye of the beholder..... As I sip my coffee this morning the birds are singing and the sun is shinning and oh such a gentle breeze is blowing... It appears to going to be another lovely day....My posting may be random and maybe not to Tuesday or Wednesday as I really haven't planned every hour of the weekend.... Tonight we will be attending a graduation party... I will just let most of the time be for relaxing and enjoying life as it happens.... A few little naps may even be inserted in a few times.... Wishing you all a blessed holiday weekend and do take some moments to reflect why were celebrate this holiday...


Cathy said...

Hi Marietta,

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment on my Spring Vignette.

I have to say you did a lovely job sweeping your porch yesterday. It looks perfect to me and quite welcoming. I hope you are having some company over this weekend to enjoy the holiday and your gorgeous deck!

Happy Memorial Weekend,


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

I found you through another's blog. What a beautiful post. I LOVE the tablecloth you used. AND the sacks you used on your chairs look wonderful. What a great idea!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful porch with us.
Patricia :o)

Anonymous said...

Dear Marietta,
Your porch looks wonderful. The grain sack cushions are wonderful and I think will really hold up well this summer!
I hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend, enjoy all your outings!

The Tin Rabbit said...

Hi Marietta! Wow, I love your porch! Love,love those grain sacks on your chairs and the table cloth! All your flowers are so pretty! Looks like a magazine shot! Hope you are doing good! Enjoy your day! xo, ann

Debbie said...

Your porch is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L to say the least!
I would be more than happy, if it was mine!
The sacks, tablecloth, the flowers and the ambiance... just lovely!


Anonymous said...

oh this is a wonderful outdoor space you have here! i would love to sit out there and browse a magazine or sketch in my artjournal.....whilst I sip my coffee!

ciao bella!
thanks for stopping in for a spot of tea!

creative carmelina

rosemary from tanzania said...

the bloggs are so nice my dear one