Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Relax and Surrender To Offerings That Surround Us

Oh another later post as today was the Tuesday morning ladies golf league and I have just returned home from chasing that little white ball around the course... Are you under stress of everyday happenings? I would really like you to stop right this very moment and think of something lovely, small and sweet that would bring you a bit of joy... Are you so stressed you can't make a decision what that would be... The whole idea is to stop... and make yourself aware of what is happening.... I have a very strong desire for the past couple weeks for some sunshine.. That is happening today... I have been in my personal havens...cleaning and enjoying... I tell myself... go ahead... indulge yourself and run, don't walk, to the special and romantic places... I find I don't have to travel far... its only a few steps away... No need to speak high ticket fare... secure your happiness at home... If possible... your special haven... accessorize it to make it more desirable yet.. Simple spaces take on a romantic air with pretty coverings and greenery seem to add a sweet flair... You set the mood it all just seems to happen... I believe privacy to take the trophy over space... Seclusion can be obtained with help from natural curtains such as vines climbing on trellis to provide color and texture... in contrast to a solid fence that may cause a feeling of imprisonment... Whatever your space... make it yours...even if it is obtained with a light sheer fabric... The whole object is a place to unwind after long hard day... With all this in mind don't you think it is time to make a haven to lay back, relax, and surrender to the offerings that surround us... We placed the bench that I removed from my bedroom- added a coat of poly to make it with stand the elements better and I shared with you I used one of the gifted grain sacks for my cushion... Some early parts of the evening we may sit on the front porch and watch the cars go by but for the most part of our summer it is spent in the back side of the house outdoor space... Our back area is very private and quiet... We have the seclusion without ever leaving our home... Oh... don't forget to add the unexpected... for yourself and for someone you may invite into your haven.... Then just enjoy.....


Sandi said...

Your bench looks wonderful Marietta and your goodies around it too! Love the shovel and rake. Your garden is beautiful too!!

Shopgirl said...

I will Dear Friend just as soon as we get our new yard funiture. We had used our old stuff for about 20 years plus. So we threw it away this year so we wouldn't try to set it again. So tomorrow we are shopping for new stuff, I will enjoy relaxing in some new stuff.
Love the bench...Hugs Mary

The Victorian Parlor said...


Your bench looks so inviting and your yard is gorgeous! But I especially enjoyed your words of encouragement:).



Diane Costanza said...

I would love to sit on your bench and have acup of tea, Marietta. You make life seem so special.