Friday, May 7, 2010

A Treasure From The Past

As I promised in yesterdays post I would share my recent found treasure. The price ticket at the antique shop said it was acquired from Father Ruess estate . I first laid eyes on it about a month ago.. It is heavy beveled glass and is 25" long in oval size... The color is original or very old as I did not touch this mirror except for cleaning and the embellishment... It was wired to hang the other way and looked lovely but for my space I desired it I changed the hanging wire... I embellished this after dreaming the way I would like it to look.. I added a vintage lace ladies collar and a large vintage rhinestone brooch and it added just the touch of charm I was looking for... I will have to place a ticket on the back of it so my children will know it is of more value than a mirror you go buy at Walmart... being of beveled glass... I will treasure it and can't see ridding of it any time soon... Mirrors capture things.. reflections, light and enlarge rooms... I love the use of mirrors... sitting or hanging... Although this mirror is very simple in style I believe it has a sophistication... The picture didn't capture the bevel but it is beautiful when viewed up closer... I think being able to add a few decorative accessories especially when antique, shabby, or vintage, keeps my drive going.. I do not enjoy really purchasing anything new... I love the hunt for all beauties of the past like this one... As mothers day approaches I wish my mom were here to enjoy my finds... She always loved it when I found something just to see what I would do with it... Mom didn't have many material things { as many parents in my mothers age group} as she lost my father when he was in his early 40's and never remarried... She would always come to my home and when I would find a treasure and most of the time re-purpose it.... I can hear her say to this day " Oh.. it's grand, Marietta".....Oh how I miss those words at times... Funny how certain things can bring back lovely memories... My mom always and still would be if she were here.... be encouraging me... She taught me that we don't really have failures... just learning experiences... { and oh my, I have had some doozies}... Most times this is a great approach to life... Her lessons continue to guide me yet today as she would always be inspiration and oh yes... I know she would have loved my mirror and thought it to be GRAND.... and a lovely piece of the past..... just as she is a lovely piece in my past....


EVA AGNES said...

Hi Marietta,
What a lovely mirror. I also love mirrors and when I see one I can't resist buying it. Even if I don't have a place to hang it... :-)
Have a lovely weekend.
Hugs Eva Agnes

Sandi said...

That mirror is so pretty Marietta! You did good in purchasing it. It looks right at home with your other goodies.

I have a beautiful old frame and I think it would look gorgeous with a mirror in it.
When I did my mirror wall in the living room, I took old frames to a glass place and had them put mirror in them for me. I even had beveled glass put in one and it was much more reasonable than I thought it would be.
Happy Friday and Happy Mothers Day too!!

The Victorian Parlor said...


The mirror is lovely. I feel certain that your mother is looking down upon you and saying that the mirror is grand:).