Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blessed and Distressed

Rains came through late afternoon and through the night leaving a very grey morning but the blessings of no devastating storms... as I sip my coffee and peer out the window ... wishing for sunshine... The once again feeling of empty and need to find something to create some sugar and spice in my life.... Oh there are plenty of things I need to do... the decks and porch and windows all a mess again... clean house... laundry is piling... of course we will have to eat again... gee the only sugar and spice I see is if I bake cookies of which the monster Tom has eaten all of.... It is 8:00 a.m. and he is on the golf course... rain ... don't bother him.... he leaves anyway..
Hopefully I will find some lovely blogs to inspire me to carry on a as usual day and receive a lovely idea or two... Many times I get to enjoy vacations spent by others, view great displays at the antique shoppes and shows visited by others without leaving my home... Makes it cheap on gas... Tips and ideas for embellishing my blog is always a wonderful find also...
Blogging is my stepping stone to come for a visit and share lovely things and many times learn of trials life is offering....
Today is another day to hunt for simple pleasures and take time to enjoy a find of beauty... when skies are grey it seems much harder to find and create interesting posts to blog about... I am sure many of you are as tired of hearing about the grey skies as I am posting of them.... Oh by the way... have you noticed I haven't snapped any pictures of the pool? We are still having problems.... After many pool samples taken to the pool place ... and they tell us the chemicals are perfect we just continue to run the filtration system and hope one day it will clear.... We are baffled....
Today I am going to dig deep within myself to search out a way to feel " Blessed and Distressed"... I am off to read others posts and find just the right dose of words and lovely yo fill me day and inspire.... that means I will be seeking sights of aged and worn... Blessings to all of you......


Anonymous said...

Dear Marietta,
I hope you have a bit of sun today. All that rain can be so depressing. We have had so much in the last week. I am truly sick of it.

Golfers don't mind the rain a bit do they? My husband golfed quite a bit at our last base. Not so much anymore since he hurt his knee.

I find fiddling with my blog a great creative outlet and stress reliever. I love visiting blogs too. My problem is finding that balance where I don't spend too much time on the computer!

I hope you will be able to get your pool problem resolved soon ~ I would love to see some photos.

Wishing you a bright and happy day (even if the sun doesn't shine!).

Terry said...

Rain can be depressing but I try to think of it as mother nature doing my watering chore.
We had the same problem with our pool a few years ago and even tons of baking soda to help with the chemicals we gave up. Hubby drained the pool halfway and added fresh water and finally we had success!. Hope you have better luck than us.

onegirlinthetub said...

hello. just stumbled across your blog and its truely lovely. i really love things like this and the photos are beautiful.
i shall be revisiting very soon.
kerry x