Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Going Down The road

The last couple days road crews have been re-surfacing our road that runs past our house... it is one of the main roads that leads to town... I have kept the windows on the front side of the house facing the road shut tight but notice I am still going to have to do allot of moving of things and cleaning... I will start that tomorrow as I hope the stones will settle and the dust calm down... They have signs posted at the road side saying " loose stone 35 miles per hour" Ha... I don't believe they see the 3 very well and are confusing it with a 8 as it sounds and seems the rate is 85.... The state patrol was very busy yesterday... Another note to share... I live on the north side of Defiance to enter in from coming from home... For months the State Rt 66 has been closed to place a by- past bridge... course we all knew this was going to happen and planned for it... Now they have the other road also shut down or down to one lane....In my mind I think "WHO PLANS THIS STUFF ANYWAY??????" I guess I am saying it is a real pain to travel into town..... Summer construction can be found in every state and create quite the events and sure can discourage a person from wanting to travel... Another reason for just plain enjoying our homes.. and the easy elegance we can feel there... Forget the hectic of travel and enjoy browsing a book or magazine that achieves beauty in the home... I so enjoy reading with delightful results... In a little time we can find we can create a home with lovely objects we may already have... and make a lovely style... For busy mothers or a lady retires like myself .... most of us find our self on somewhat of a budget... finding reading is something that is sure to please... and make our time relaxed and special... blogging and reading takes up 2 to 3 or sometimes more of a day for me... I find inspiration and find myself not worrying about what road is going to take me where... I will be receiving small doses of happiness that creates great impact in my contentment.....

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