Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sweet Vintage Tips Of The Day

Good morning... The sun is shinning and the forecast says we are to be blessed with a beautiful day today.... As I sip my coffee and listen to the singing of many birds in the background... I am about to go straighten up decks and porch and place cushions in place for use as the promise of dry arises.... Before I do so I wanted to share a couple uses of vintage objects for use when a special friend comes to share a small lunch with you.... A simple vintage clip earring makes a little statement of glam when used for a name tag or a small verse of inspiration.... The use of a hankie or doily idea go back to times past when they would take a hankie and sew buttons on the corners and place over pitchers of beverages and glasses when serving out of doors.... The lovely little card of vintage buttons is just sweet and all these little vintage items could become a favor for you friend or guest to take home if you know them to be a vintage lover of things of the past.... I am off to do some cleaning with tucks of taking time to lay in the sun for my rest time.... Hoping you all have a day of inspiration..... Enjoy.......

Country living and Martha Stewart

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