Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet Vintage

Rains came through again late evening after we attended church and drove to Defiance for ice cream to complete our Saturday evening... Today is suppose to be hot and humid with more rains possible... I just came back in from outside sweeping decks and porch and changing the water and cleaning my little china dishes water fountains... I love shabby thoughts... I have shared a couple pictures of ideas to share with your that are from Country Living Magazine... I thought the idea of the chess or checker board on a porch or deck was really clever. And always the use of vintage luggage or a vintage ladder is a budget friendly... The clever idea of a old pail and used outdoor for cleaning up is also sweet....the inspiration of uses for items for re- purpose is always exciting to me... Hope you enjoy your Sunday... Blessings


Anonymous said...

Oh My.... I love the bucket with the towel & soap!! Hummmmmm.....Maybe we could use that!! LOL!!

Sandi said...

Those photos are so pretty! What issue of Country Living? Did a new one just come out or did I miss it in the one I have? I just can't keep up.
I love the bucket idea. You have inspired me. I have an old pastel yellow painted bucket that I want to hang on the light pole beside our water hydrant, add a pretty towel and also a vintage soap holder. LOVE inspiration...thank you!!

joven said...

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Colleen said...

HI...My name is Colleen...Heather Cameron & I worked on her Green House in the Country Living Magazine....Thanks for appreciating it!......