Friday, July 16, 2010

Bigger Than You ?????

Do you ever have those days when things just seem bigger than you??? In addition to try and figure out what your priorities are... it is more important to figure out what you don't want in your life... Rid of that clutter in our life's.. mental, emotional and psychological... Clutter includes doing things we don't want to do... Realistically we all know we have everyday chores we cannot rid of but many times we need to rid of commitments when causing personal stress. It would be a good thing to sit and make a list of things we think are getting in the way of our happiness. This may help regretting our past, fidgeting now, or worry of what lies ahead... I think it becomes possible to rid of them when we are more aware of them. We need to take responsibility for ourselves... Not happy... make changes.... I have posted many times before on making our homes our quiet space...

Be smart... go to bed early and rise with the sun... Experience a new day, free of the unwanted clutter. Prepare lovely and nutritious meals for ones self and others to enjoy... but do expect help from others with the clean up so all can have time to enjoy more... I believe this knowledge comes with age but it sure would be a fine thing if we learn it sooner... Please stop and consider things to make life more pleasurable. I know you will be ever so glad you did... Enjoy today.....


Sandi said...

So very true Marietta. That gal in the picture sure looks like her bow is bigger than her. lol. How cute! Can you imagine wearing that? Happy Saturday!

Ann said...

This take top honors for the biggest bow I'v ever seen. And I thought my grandbabies wore big ones. Such a cute post and wise encouragement.

KClark Photography said...

Fine advice. I always feel so much lighter and happier when I clear out clutter and take the time to take care of myself. Thanks for the reminder.


Diane Costanza said...


What a lovely post. I feel the same way.

I struggle with giving in to the negative clutter in our lives, but as long as I keep up the fight, and find ways to reduce the stress, I know we will be a happier family.

Mom is the center of the wheel that all family activity turns on and I want it to always be a smooth ride.


Anonymous said...

That, my friend, is "it" in a nutshell. Just get rid of the extra because one never knows how life will play out.
Have a Great Weekend!

debbie said...


Jann said...

Nice post--and the photo! Oh my gosh, that's a big bow!!!!!