Friday, July 23, 2010

Brief Moments

Oh my for brief moments once again thoughts of condo living sweep through my mind... Thoughts of leaving a place where many teas and beverage have been shared with family and friends have taken place.... We have friends that just placed their sweet little home on the market in hopes for a condo... Their are these brief moments it crosses my mind on a 90 degree day like today will be, and the pool water is green and all seems to be somewhat bigger than me... but reality soon comes right back and I think I will never have a yard of my own again without being under the eye of someone at close range... Making a move to town, loosing the advantage of a charmed, quiet, peaceful life in a cozy retreat would be taking place... Loosing green acres... where simple pleasures always await... Home Sweet Home... We did in the past look at several condos and when indoors it was just lovely.... for many life is still at a hectic pace and for me it has slowed down along with the economy... I have walked to our little garden patch for a couple weeks now... harvesting green beans , tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet corn of which has been included in our daily meals and shared with friends and family... all this would certainly be missed... To live in a condo you would pay a owners fee and follow rules that do not apply in the country lifestyle... When thinking through the fees we could easy pay someone to maintain the yards and snow removal for still a much cheaper rate.... This is a very big decision as you travel in your journey of life and some days ideas just bobble around in our heads... The idea of something new is always entertaining until we realize it would be like leaving your best freind that has embraced you and provided you shelter from the elements for many years... We learn to delight in our comfortable settings almost 100 percent of the time but there always seems to be a moment or so sneak in..when we think what if.. The idea of leaving the country home for me is like loosing my grandmother all over again... I would love to have her back one more day and just spend time with her wisdom and bake those luscious pies with her once again... Traditions and dreams have been supplied here and certainly will not be forgotten by little ones... They will remember every corner of this place where we dwell and call home... Makes me wonder why we ever come up wit one little urge to think of leaving... I do believe it may be the fact when you retire or become this age you see so many things changing, your slowing down, and many of us are losing family and friends and this makes us panic and uneasy somewhat... Our lives are ever revolving as changes surround us.. Life becomes a treasure hunt of sorts but when reality steps in there is nothing better than tradition, the tradition of family and home... Be content today and enjoy all the lovely things you have created and that surround you...
ps... our weather forecast is very hot and now they have a tornado and thunderstorm watch issued... Last evening rain was in surrounding towns but we got not a drop....Prayers all will be safe today although I would love to see about a inch or so of a gentle rain..... notice I said gentle......


Sandi said...

Marietta you are so wise in your writings. I think you should write a book especially if you decide to go condo living. I can already see how a smaller place would be wonderful. We have almost 3 acres and just to keep that mowed is a full time job which is not as fun as it used to be. :)

So sorry you didn't get any rain. We did get some, but not a lot. Still we had a few small puddles. We weren't home , but were in Bryan while it was raining and hoping and praying that it rained up our way too. Crunchy grass and flowers...need more rain so bad.
Happy Friday!!

The Rustic Victorian said...

It sounds like your not ready to go condo at all. At 60 we had to think of stairs/yardwork, and the future when purchasing a house the first of the year. Getting old is hell, the body is wearing out. I guess we will know when we can't do it anymore....till then we take it easy and keep moving.
Enjoy, yes, everyday.

Anonymous said...

Retirement doesn't necessarily mean having to move. We have "blabbed" about moving to FL. or AZ. BUT we have always lived in the northeast & we will probably stay here. After all, if DH is retired & doesn't have to drive icy roads who cares how much snow we get??!!??
As for condo.....Nope.... I need my walk in the gardens every morning & DH is too much of a cowboy to be "penned" up in a condo!!
Have a Great Weekend!