Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Glam of a Era Past

Oh my golly goodness gosh... the heat and humidity is back on... I made a trip to Defiance this morning... I needed small freezer bags as Tom wants to finish stripping the sweet corn patch and place the abundance left from sharing with friends into the freezer for winter use... While in town I have been very good but decided to make a trip to Fort Defiance Antiques and visit Deanna that owns the shop along with her husband... She is always very generous and reduces objects I may have interest in...
I have already posted in the past I will be restricting my buying to just a few objects... Antique beaded purses and perfume bottle of beauty... unless it is something I can use with my love of doing altered art.... I also purchased the sweet antique photo to work into altered art... It is rather lovely to have something different to look at and enjoy once in awhile when it is your passion... I will place a small tag on it so my daughter will know the value in case something would happen to me I wouldn't want it to be on a dollar table at a garage sale.... Having lovely objects with touches of glam from the past makes it wonderful to assemble eye catching bling in vignettes with these precious finds. Rearranging for ones self and creating for friends in charming ways are threads of success...


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hi Marietta!

What a pretty blog! :)

I must say, I am very drawn to whatever fabric that is underneath the things in the first photo!! Is it an old grain sack? I love the graphic on it! :)

(Leave it to me to pick out the thing in the BACKGROUND and focus on it...). ;)

Have a great day and stay cool! :)


Anonymous said...

Weather here has turned hot again too. Hopefully tomorrow will cool off some.
What a beautiful perfume tray set & how elegant.

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

HI ~ Such a pretty header you have ~ is it new? I just love the old vintage photos. I managed to score a large box of them at the flea at the beginning of the Summer. I really need to do something with them. Too bad they don't smell as nice as they look:):)

Diane Costanza said...

Hi Marietta,

I just recently began to collect vintage petitpoint purses. I plan to display them right there on the wall of our master bedroom like the art that they are. they are too lovely to keep hidden away.