Thursday, July 29, 2010

Limiting One's Self

The past several months I have been limiting myself on magazines.... due to staying on budget and mainly due to not enjoying the magazine as much as I had in the past... I have not re-newed my Romantic Homes subscription as I have found dis-appointment in the last couple years... I did this morning however re-new my Romantic Country... I have found although so expensive I enjoy my Jeanne d Ark Magazine { although to me more like a book} brings me pleasure as I sift through the lovely pages... I look to magazines for inspiration and when filled with things I would not do.. I lose interest... Looking for ideas and budget friendly I believe to be in most of our agendas... It makes a difference as I love, love, love, the true french grain sacks but they are not budget friendly so I have used gifted ones many areas of my home to give me the same appeal and it has worked... Somehow to satisfy your longing and mine have to speak just some romance... We received a gentle rain last evening and it has cooled our temps off to very enjoyable... I am doing chores of which I have to say farewell and get back to and hopefully this afternoon I can create some altered art... I also need another 5th Wedding Anniversary card for this Saturday and opps... I think I best get going as I need time for the glue to dry.... Wishes to all of you for a lovely and very pleasant day.


Farm Field Primitives said...

I too have cut back on magazines that seem to try to spread their style out too much to attract more readers. I like to look at ones that I know will be consistently my style. My stores are doing the same thing, and I lose interest in shopping at them also. I just want to say.....pick one style and stay with it!! Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago I too dropped my subscription to Romantic Homes. Not enough to spark my interest so if I see it on the newsstand I may buy one. I too just resubscribed to Victorian Country.
I have never seen the French magazine you spoke of but I am not into French decor..... I quit buying the Stampington Magazines except for Artful Blogging & if the next issue is the same I won't buy that either.
Happy Day!!

The Tin Rabbit said...

I've cut back on the magazines too..I've been disappointed in several lately...I'd rather thumb through them at the checkout to see if I really want to spend that much on it! Have a wonderful,blessed weekend my friend~ Ann

Shopgirl said...

I am no longer spending like I used to on magazines...just to many other things more important.
I haven't been posting as much either, just very busy with family.
I hope you are enjoying these long summer days....stay cool, Mary