Monday, July 26, 2010


Nothing adds inspiration and personality as the collections we add to our homes... Hand sewn speciality pillows.... I love all the grain sack pillows that are being shown.... For my readers and personal friends you know it is antique and vintage for my spaces... Very few times will you see a addition of something new.... It is deeply satisfying to find new uses for old items... I know many of you share this same passion... Choosing objects you just love alone usually works in making displays work... Of course staying in the same color line helps... There is not a thing like sharing space with the timeworn added to a touch of glam... A home needs to be comfortable, but needs the unexpected also... to add the touches of personality you would like to achieve... Having touches of preparations of canned goods such as jams and colorful vegetables always adds eye candy and a warm feel to a country style kitchen... and wets the appetite... I especially love taking the farm setting to looking like a feast... I would also like to give thanks that we received rains that were needed to be able to produce these products for preserving... The temps eased yesterday and will for another day but Wednesday will be back in the 90's again... I am enjoying today as I do my Monday chores.... Yesterday Tom and I went to Michigan to a Casino for the afternoon and a ride through the countryside... Upon returning home Tom had a much thicker pocket than just the jingle of pocket change.... Gee do you think he had a smile on his face?????
Sending best wishes for a lovely week to all of you.... I must get the laundry transferred and travel out of doors to the cleaning of the pool... Still having problems with the water and have came to the ending it is not a good year for it... The heat is on and that would normally be good for pool but it is what is causing the problems... Sometimes things just aren't perfect so we do the best we can and travel on....

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Sandi said...

Well lucky Tom!!! Maybe he will share some with you. :)
Did you get any photos on your drive? I always try to, but my hubby gets so nervous about the traffic that I am about ready to give up. If a car is a mile down the road he worries...better safe than sorry though I guess.
Happy *loving this weather* Monday!!